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The Top Five Emoji Keyboards that can help you Express Yourself!

Emoji Keyboards Apps

Emojis, since their advent have helped spark interesting and animated conversations in groups and chats. There are varied emoji keyboards available for both the iOS and the Android platforms.

Here are five emoji keyboards that have made the most impression over the smartphone crowd. Take your pick!


One can improve their texting and keep it funny and conversant with imoji stickers, which is one of the best emoji keyboards apps out there. Here, this emoji app can let users search, share and discover varied types of stickers. One can create custom stickers too or pick up some of the millions of imoji stickers created by the ever-increasing community of makers. Here is a sticker for every conversation.

The app is compatible with Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Instagram, and other messaging apps. The app also includes a new category that features brand new artists and new imojis too! The new update also has GIF support for all types of animated stickers and the app itself has now become faster than ever before. The iOS mobile app is available for free to download.

Emoji Type

Emoji Type

Emoji Type is a custom keyboard specifically for iOS 8 that suggests emojis automatically as you type. The app has been featured in the WSJ, Macstories, 9to5Mac, and many more portals for its incredible ease of use.

For users who need matching emojis as they type, this app is heaven-sent. One would not have to search for emojis. Typing in a few letters related to the emoji will make it appear instantly for use.

Add the app for use in Settings and then toggle switch Globe key anytime.  The custom keyboard can be used with Messages, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and nearly every other iOS messaging app. Other than emojis, there are special characters and other important letters available too. It is supportable to the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus devices and other iPhones supporting iOS 8. The app is written in Swift and is available for $0.99 on the App Store.



Keymoji is touted to be the first Emoji Autocomplete Keyboard for the iOS platform. The app translates what you type in real time from an expanding emoji keyboard so that you don’t have to conjure emoji keyboard phrases!

The keyboard is compatible with Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social and messaging platforms. It was also named in Yahoo’s “Best Keyboards for iOS8.”

One can see auto-completion suggestions in real time so that you do not have to hunt through the entire emoji library. You can submit your definitions in the app too to bring the most famous emoji phrases yourself, faster than anybody else. With the Keymoji Emoji Keyboard, you can find special designs too that can be used on any app. The app is free for use.

Emoji ++

Emoji++ is one of the emoji apps that is also said to be the fastest way to type emojis on the iOS platform. Built with iOS, one can replace the default keyboard with several custom ones. Emoji++ is the perfect replacement keyboard for typing Emoji as quickly as possible.

Find all emojis you are looking for, in a convenient list itself. The Speed Search Bar can help users to search through the organized list too. One can build custom collections related to Emoji characters in the Favorites and “recents” area. The app costs $0.99.

SMS Rage Faces

SMS Rage Faces

SMS Rage Faces is one of the unique Emoji Apps that consists of 58 new Rage Faces and Memes in the updated version and includes 2 new Camera Booth Stickers. One can create fun conversations with the app and create new faces for use on messaging platforms. The new update supports 3D Touch for using Camera Booth and Search.

The faces and memes can be used as background images for the Camera Booth. One can use the sharing button and the Camera Booth option too. All iPhones and iPads with iOS 7.0 or higher can use the app and it is free to use too.