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The Top 5 Features of Windows Phone 10

Windows Phone 10

Windows Phone 10 is the latest attempt from Microsoft to boost its dwindling market share. The company recently announced multiple features for Windows Phone 10 and is hoping to encourage people to buy Windows-powered mobile handsets.

Check out the 5 coolest features now incorporated in Windows Phone 10:

Universal Apps

The Windows Phone platform is currently facing the “app gap” problem, and Microsoft will be trying to solve the same with universal app support. The developers can to quickly convert desktop-based apps into their mobile counterpart without much effort. This will mean that will some tweaks, Windows 10’s desktop apps will soon get their Windows Phone 10 counterparts.

This feature automatically synchronizes changes made to an app on one device with the same app working on other devices. OneDrive will be used for backend support.

Project Spartan

Microsoft showcased a new web browser called Project Spartan at the Redmond event. There are several useful features in the browser and a new look too. The Spartan is integrated with Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant that will pull information including details of the weather report, the live vehicle traffic in a location, prompt reminders about reservations, and various other things within the browser itself.

Microsoft says that Spartan is meant for quick sharing options and hence the browser comes inbuilt with annotation tools and ability to take notes and even draw on the web page.

Built-in Skype

Skype will be part of the mobile operating system. The VoIP app will be integrated with stock SMS app, which together will constitute the Messaging app. One would be able to switch between them too. Skype’s integration means that the smartphone collaboration across several people will be better handled during a video-conferencing call through Skype.

All-in-one Messaging

Microsoft doesn’t want the user to leave its messaging app with the new interface. One can switch between sending an SMS or a Skype message and continue the conversation. The improved messaging app also helps to set up updates from different chat programs in one single place. This would make the process of texting friends much more convenient than ever before. One can even set up third party social sites like Facebook and WhatsApp and get the conversation going. The functionality will be open for calling in the near future which would mean that one could easily be in touch with Skype friends when on Wi-Fi instead of running in to huge telephone bills.

Cleaner Interface and Enhanced Notifications

Instead of displaying the staid phone’s background within home screen tiles, the new interface of Windows Phone 10 shows the background behind the tiles just like the Windows desktop version. This cleaner look helps users to view recently downloaded apps with just a swipe from the right.

Microsoft revealed other cleaner interface aspects during its launch. The ideas are in development, and the updates are sure to amp up the security as well as the beauty in the coming months. The driving force behind the interface is seamless user experience between all Window-based devices. The Action Center will sync with the Windows-based PC and all items will be easily searchable with its new uncluttered new layout in any gadget.

The enhanced notifications will allow users to reply back to messages right from the notification menu and even dismiss alarms with a flick. The alerts remain on-screen unless some action is taken. You won’t see the notification from a Skype message unless the action centre is activated with a swipe. Alarms stay on-screen until the snooze button is pressed or a swipe dismisses it altogether.