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The Five iPhone 6 Cases that are worth drooling for…

iPhone 6 Cases

Show off your personal style with iPhone 6 cases which are trendy and useful. For girls, if you want to have a case that is cute or a cover that is blatantly cool, it is necessary to know where one can get some unique cases that are worth drooling. It is important to focus on unique designs as well as utility to personalize your iPhone. Also, you can get the coolest gadgets for your iPhone as required.

Here are the top five iPhone 6 cases that are worth your time and money

  • Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie Juice Pack offers waterproof protection and an extra battery, exceeding military standards for protection, while also delivering an extra battery when you need it the most. The juice pack has a slim design and is a great fit for hand and is well tested with drop tests that confirm its ultimate protection against drops, dirt, and even water.

The biggest advantage is the addition of a 100% extra battery inside shock-absorbing materials, water-tight structure and a screen protector with anti-glare capabilities.

  • Prynt

Prynt iPhone 6 Case

With Prynt, you can just plug in your phone, click a picture, and get it in print within seconds. Watch how your digital image gets new life through augmented reality! With the new Prynt instant camera case for smartphones, you can print the pictures you click within thirty seconds! This case is portable, lightweight and fun and perfect when you are with friends, or capturing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Moscase

Moscase iPhone 6 Case

With Moscase, you can attach multiple backplates to your smartphone to aid you in multiple situations. It is a health tracking accessory for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and capable enough to check on body functions in different ways.

You need to use the dedicated Moscase App for monitoring health data and syncing it with the phone. There are various purposes and designs with Moscase including:

  • The Breathalyzer: Equipped with special detection sensor for analyzing breath in order to determine alcohol content
  • The Rocker: Upgrades smartphone’s stock speakers with ones that rival full range Hi-Fi music systems
  • The Collector: Extend battery life with its solar cell equipped backplate
  • The Booster: Extra battery juice and extra storage space for all media right when you need it!
  • The Reader: Efficient digital reader with low power consumption
  • PopSlate

Popslate iPhone 6 Case

Add an extra e-ink display to the iPhone with a slip-on second screen from popSLATE. Get this second screen for just $129 and enjoy the dual-display screen with protective case that has 240-by-400 resolution display capable of realizing 16 shades of grey. It has a charger port and power cord but it does not drain much in smartphones. The complementary screen can display still images and impressions including a daily schedule, to-do list, and much more.

  • Magbak

Magbak - iPhone 6 Case

MagBak is a minimalist protective case which also acts as a mounting solution for your iPhone. It’s thin but amazingly functional, since it is embedded with industrial strength rare earth magnets can be easily mounted on any surface. It can be mounted in portrait or landscape mode, while keeping a slim minimalist design with 3M adhesive backing. The case has a polycarbonate body that provides structure while the silicone layer delivers an attractive finish. It also offers shock absorption with the help of a soft microfiber liner that also prevents scratches.