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Top 5 Javascript Frameworks Trends to Look for in 2019

People familiar with the digital world know that it consists of multiple layers and different pieces of technology are brought together in order to offer an immersive experience using a smart screen. Websites and web pages play an important role in driving the growth of your business.

There are many things that contribute towards this, which includes web development companies working constantly. In this article, we will talk about how Java web developers and companies make use technologies and trends. In the last one year, the development of Javascript has changed pretty swiftly. There was a lot of action taken, with several new initiatives and changes taking place in the year 2018 for front-end web development. There has been a race between different frameworks to be the preferred Javascript framework.

It is good to take a look at all the new trends that have come up recently. These new integrations could help you in starting new innovative projects. If you’re looking to know more about other trends, why not check out our blog on Angular vs React vs Blaze: Choose the Best Framework for your Next Web and Mobile App.

1. Reason

The Messenger web application on Facebook is being driven by Reason. It is a simple compilation of different JavaScript languages. You can write the Reason code which is compiled into ReactJs, thanks to Reason React wrapper. Reason can drive web applications on a page, being the static and functional programming language that it is.

You are also allowed to write security code of type that gels well with OCaml and JavaScript. If you are a JavaScript developer, this is an emerging trend that must be looked at and can be easily experimented with a parallel project.

2. Next.js

This is a minimalist framework that helps in simplifying the execution experience of an application. You can receive all the powerful React functionality by combining it with React. You also get an entire experience regarding tools and code division, which is also similar to Vue. Next.js helps make your JavaScript run anywhere, be it a server or a mobile device.

You can also create universal applications which can be presented with a minimum learning curve and code. This is definitely worth investing time in and learning about. This will help you in developing powerful universal applications with React.

3. ReactJS

React, which is maintained by Facebook, is a Javascript library for developing user interfaces. ReactJS is most suitable for web applications that are large in size and make use of data and allow any changes without the need to reload the page. The creation of user interfaces is simplified with ReactJS. It can also be made worked along with a combination of libraries of JavaScript frameworks. Because of the backing of Facebook and the large community that is only growing, React is preferred over many other frameworks.

4. Angular 7

Angular is the framework that shows the future changes in web APIs and is also flexible towards it. Angular was initiated by Google. They learned a lot after developing Angular 1, later they worked on Angular 2 and it went on till Angular 7. This way it has achieved really good improvement.

Google is now willing to point towards the web platform as a long-term vision. It is planning to launch a new version of Angular every six months. Angular provides something which is extremely useful for assembling data services for applications, that thing is dependency injection. This is definitely a great time to work on Angular 7.

5. Vue.js

There is no doubt that Vue.js has become one of the most popular Javascript frameworks available today. The potential of the Vue.js application garners a lot of attention and this leads to great discussions. Vue.js is a useful JavaScript library which is great for building web interfaces. One of the best thing about Vue.js is that it has very little baggage. It is lightweight, fresh, and also easy-to-learn. The best features that will be available next year will be SVG animations, open-source product, proxy support, and stable API.


In this article, we have touched all the major emerging trends that will be useful in front-end web development and JavaScript development. JavaScript comes up with innovations and changes very quickly and it is always in the state of change. It is important for front-end developers who want to develop really good apps to be in touch with these emerging trends.