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iOS 14: Top 5 Features you should know about

Last tuesday, Apple announced the latest versions of the Apple Watch and the iPad at the ‘Time Flies’ Event online. In the meantime, we will just have to wait a few more weeks before the launch of iPhone 12. During the event, Tim Cook confirmed that you can download iOS 14 starting from the next day. iOS 14 is full of great features and it will enable you to change how you interact with your apple devices, something unseen in the last few years.

I know you must be wondering whether you should upgrade your software just yet. iOS 14 is now available to download for iPhone 6s and newer devices and iPhone SE. We all know that last year, the first rollout of iOS 13 was full of problems along with software bugs. It was then established that users should instead wait for the iOS 13.1.

The beta versions of iOS 14 didn’t exactly face similar challenges. Additionally, as the developers only had 24 hours notice before the final release of iOS 13, there is a possibility that most of your apps aren’t updated yet. That being said, there are some amazing features that might prompt you to update your iPhone right away. Let us dive deeper into the top 5 salient features of iOS 14: 

Apple Messages

The Messages App from Apple has always been the best available app out there for mobile instant messages. However, it still faltered behind dedicated tools like Slack because of the feature limitations. At last, Apple has added a few excellent features. 

In Messages, you can now pin the most important messages to the top of the app. It is the best way to access messages with the frequent contacts without scrolling a long list of spams and unimportant messages.

The next major improvement comes in group chats. It is now possible to tag individual recipients, create threaded replies in a group chat and set push notifications to alert you only when someone in the group has tagged you. I do not believe that it will replace Slack anytime soon but the future certainly looks bright.


Gone are the days when your Android-using friends used to tease you. The iPhone will now have widgets on your home screen. It is now possible to add widgets directly to the display in multiple sizes. This is much better than the limited widgets on the left side of the home screen. Additionally, there is a Smart Stack widget that displays multiple apps when you need it. For example, it can show you the calendar widget and the weather widget first thing in the morning. 

The Today View widget will stay to the left of your home screen like always, but now you can drag and drop a widget to the home screen. It is very simple to use. You can just tap on the + sign in the top left corner of the screen to bring the widget gallery and choose the ones which you want to add to your device. 

App Library

App Library is the new screen at the extreme right of your home screen. It automatically organizes your apps in specific folders based on the app category. The basic idea is to simplify the user experience by organizing the apps in a single place instead of having to search on the home screen. Additionally, there is a home screen feature now that allows you to hide the apps which you don’t use frequently.

You can use the App Library to open an app that is not displayed on your home screens. To access it, you can swipe from left to right on the home screen. You can either find the app icon from the auto-organized folders or use the search feature at the top. Also, there are two additional folders at the top: Recently Added and Suggestions. These folders will update the apps as and when you download new apps on your device.

Apple Translate App

Why use Google Translate when now you can use the translate app on your Apple device. iOS 14 has an integrated translate app that will enable you to convert text and have meaningful conversations with people who speak a different language. For now, it is possible to translate English, German, French, Chinese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese.

When you open the app, you can either type the word or use the voice-to-text option to translate. Once you are done, it will automatically translate what you said into your chosen language. It is best suited when asking a quick question or if you want to hear how to pronounce the word.

Picture in Picture

The iPad has been able to play a video in the picture-in-picture mode for some years now and the Picture-in-Picture mode is now available on the iPhone. The Picture-in-Picture forms a thumbnail of the video that continues to play even when you exited the app. It will automatically appear when you want to reply to a text message while playing a YouTube video but don’t want to stop the video. It is very easy to drag the thumbnail around the screen and also resize it by pinching and zooming. The best part, it works for Facetime video too.

Looking at these developments, we loved the introduction of iOS 14 and now can’t wait for the improved version of the OS to feature alongside the much awaited iPhone 12. Due to advancement in iOS 14, there will be changes in iPhone app development too and we are excited about it.Which feature/s of iOS 14 have amazed you? You can let us know in the comment section below.