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Top 5 Graphic Design Apps for Android

A few years ago, laptops and desktops were the only devices using which graphic designers would work on their artwork. But the growth and advancements in technology over the recent years have now given us alternatives using which graphic designers can work on the go. Tablets and smartphones are easily available to everyone now.

Along with the Android-powered smartphones came a plethora of apps to support the technological needs of us humans. There is an app for almost everything now. Among these are over a hundred apps available for designers using which graphic designers can work on the go and do not need a laptop or a desktop. In this article, we will take a look at some Android apps for designers.

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#1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator, one of most widely used and popular Android app for graphic designers, was launched in 2016 by Adobe. Adobe Illustrator offers ways in which a designer can produce vector drawings on a mobile device. The app features five built-in vector brushes along with other features like configurable pen tip, labels etc in order to make the process of drawing easier.

Also, Adobe Illustrator is compatible with other drawing tools like Adobe Ink, Apple Pencil etc. The creative cloud subscription on the app offers a designer with several benefits like publishing your designs to Behance, exporting your work to Photoshop CC, and Adobe Stock images etc.

#2. Infinite Design

Infinite Design is an app developed by Sean Brakefield. It allows you to create designs using your smartphone or tablet. Infinite Design is, without a doubt, one of the best vector design apps available currently. It lets you produce 3D images with a view of five different perspectives.

There is a free version of Infinite Design that offers infinite canvas, infinite layers, undo and redo, and other options like flip, duplicate, merge etc. In addition to that, you also get five symmetry tools, the option to import images and include special effects and a pen tool that gives you accurate control.

#3. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a drawing app by Autodesk. It tries to offer a natural drawing experience to its users. Sketchbook offers 170 customizable tools. The brushes come with complete PSD layout and blending support. There is a switchable predictive stroke that can give freehand drawn lines proper defined shapes and forms.

Sketchbook is free to download and use. It helps you with some of the simplest tasks to the complex ones that require work on layers using complex brushes. There are more and better features in the Sketchbook Pro app which will be available as an in-app purchase once you download the SKetchbook app. If you have a Stylus with your Android device, Sketchbook will probably be the best app for you.

#4. AutoCAD

If you need computer-aided drafting on your smartphone, AutoCAD should be your go-to app. AutoCAD offers the ability to view 2D and 3DDWG files on a mobile device. In addition to that, you can also edit the 2D files. The interface of AutoCAD is swift and smooth and is best suitable for a touchscreen format. After going online, you can easily sync your file with the online version and continue working.

There is a trial version for the app which free, but the premium version will have to work on a monthly subscription. The paid version will cost you $5 per month. There is also another option of AutoCAD Ultimate which offers you 40MB maximum file size and 100GB of cloud storage.

#5. Adobe Capture CC

Adobe Capture CC is another great app for vector design. With the help of Adobe Capture CC, you can turn anything into a vector form. It makes use of Adobe Artificial Intelligence technology in order to suggest shapes and forms. This will make your design even more invigorating.

The other unique features of Adobe Capture CC is that it allows you to create your own customized color palettes by choosing colors from any image. All your files can be saved in your account of the Adobe Creative Cloud. The files can be easily accessed from your account using other compatible applications.


The days where you had to have a desktop or a laptop in order to bring your designs to life are gone. Now you can easily do this on your smartphone or tablet while you are on way to work from home. The above-mentioned apps can be of huge help to graphics designers.