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The New iOS is Here – Make the Most Out of These Cool Five iOS 9 Features!

iOS 9 Features

With every iOS release, Apple is offering users a plethora of advanced features that is gratifying the overall user experience and iOS 9 is no different. While the iOS 9 offers an assortment of striking features, let’s look at 5 iOS 9 features that we think are the finest.

Redesigned App Switcher

With the iOS 9, Apple has yet again redesigned its app switcher. While users can still access it by double-clicking the home screen, the visual interface has been modified. The row of app icons at the bottom of the app switcher page has been replaced by icons at the top which are now smaller and app names are larger. Moreover, app screens are no longer shown in their entirety but are arranged in a flow. Also, the home screen page has now been moved to the right side in the app switcher.

Floating Videos

Amongst all the new iOS 9 features, the floating videos is one of the most interesting and useful. While watching videos, if users wish to minimize the screen to perform another task, they can do so with a simple click of the Home screen button. The video window will minimize and move to one corner of the hand held device and users can then perform any other function like checking email or browsing the photo library, all this while the video continues to play in the background. Users can move the minimized video to any corner of the screen, resize or pause, play, close or full screen the video through the various icons that are present at the bottom of the minimized video.

App Multitasking

The side by side multitasking is one of the most important of iOS 9 features that allows users to access 2 apps side by side. While using one app, users have the option of sliding over from the right to open a new app alongside a running app. A small window next to the existing app pops up, which opens the second app. Sliding down the small window displays all the apps available on the phone and users can choose the app of their choice. When they are done, they can click back on their original app and continue to use that one, thus giving them the freedom of multitasking.

The All New Search

The new spotlight search gives users the freedom of searching for options in the settings app. By entering the search criteria in the search tab, users will be directed to the settings page, without them having to go through the entire tab to find the settings they’re looking for. Additionally users can swipe to the left-most page on the home screen to go to the proactive search screen that is filled with Siri suggestions for apps, nearby places, news and much more.

Siri Can Now Do a Lot More

Siri has always been an enormous database of answers, assisting users in performing various tasks. Siri in iOS 9 has been revamped and allows her to perform a variety of innovative tasks. Visually, a new spectrum animation and a microphone icon has been added. Feature wise, Siri can now search and show photos date wise or place wise, making it easy for users to browse through their photos. Additionally, Siri can help users keep a track of their family and friends at all times. Siri will open a map and display the current location of that person. Siri can remind users about an article that the user didn’t have time to finish, but would like to read later. She can help users with directions. She can solve mathematical queries. As part of the iOS 9 features, Siri is a lot smarter.

Ending Note

With plenty of new and improved iOS 9 features, users are going to experience something like never before. iOS 9 will be made available to iPhone and iPad users for free, this fall. Make the most of it!