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The Top 5 Video Game Predictions From The E3 2018 Event

Top 5 E3 Predictions

Devolver Digital, the independent publisher, is back at E3 2018 to reveal some very interesting games. Along with that there is EA, Microsoft and 343 as well. E3 2018 can be considered to be the biggest event in the gaming industry and it is going on right now in Los Angeles. The official dates for the events are from June 12 to June 14, but of course there are some really amazing pre-show reveals happening currently. E3 has always provided that platform to big publishers to show off their which we can look forward to next year. Today we are going to list the top 5 predictions from the event.

1. Fallout 76

The teaser for Fallout 76 was released a while ago by Bethesda. The series has been pretty famous for being a classic single-player FPS-RPG hybrid. But if rumors are to be believed then this game is nothing like the earlier versions from the series. Instead, this will be an online game. The teaser suggests that the game this time focuses more on a vault than a sprawl we are familiar with. But we are pretty confident this game won’t be a fallout like its name. But the teaser wasn’t the whole thing. We got a proper look at Bethesda Softwork’s own event that was held on June 10.

2. Doom 2

Rage 2 will be the next project from iD Software, which they will be co-developing with Avalanche. This suggests that the rest of the team at iD Software will be busy developing something else. A lot of are hoping that it would be a sequel to Doom, which was the 2016 Game of the Year. With the new Rage 2 and Fallout 76, Bethesda has its hands full, so we cannot be too sure about Doom 2 right now. Bethesda also hinted that Rage 2 and Fallout 76 would be released in the first half of the year so that it might bring in a surprise for its fans in the second half.

3. Mortal Kombat XI

NetherRealm is ready to announce Mortal Kombat XI for its release in the next spring. Three years ago, Mortal Kombat X hit the shelves, so this is a good time for NetherRealm to work on a sequel. We can expect it but can never be too sure as NetherRealm just released Injustice 2 last year, so it might be a bit too soon for them to release a new game this year. But we know that Mortal Kombat XI will most probably be a conclusion to the trilogy that started with Mortal Kombat 9.

4. Halo 6

Halo is still one of the strongest and most popular games given out by Microsoft. But Halo 5 didn’t receive as much fan following as the other Halos did. Halo 6 has been in the pipeline and been waiting for the announcement for a long time now. We can’t really expect it to be announced this year, but it would be great to have a surprise from Microsoft in the form of Halo 6. People are also expecting the next Halo to be a bit similar to Destiny and The Division. But the good thing is that 343, the gaming developers, have actually paid heed to the feedback from their fans after the release of Halo 5.


At last year’s E3 event, Microsoft announced PUBG to be a limited console exclusive. But a lot has changed since then. PUBG cannot be considered to be the biggest Battle Royale in the gaming market out there right now. But it is still considered to be a hot exclusive from Microsoft which will hold its place in the console space. We would still expect Microsoft to come in with some exciting new about maybe XBOX One.

Wrap up

This was not it. We just predicted the top 5 games that a lot of people have been waiting to be announced. But there is definitely a lot more on offer than just this. Maybe those other predictions and announcements won’t be as wild as these, but those will definitely be exciting enough. The other games that we expect are Crackdown 3, FIFA 19, Battlefield 5, and Beyond Good and Evil 2.