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The Top 5 Expectations from Apple’s WWDC 2018

WWDC 2018

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) scheduled to take place between June 4-8 in San Jose is deservingly the talk of the tech world now. There are many surprises that are going to reveal in the biggest Apple event besides the much-hyped iOS upgrade that is scheduled to take place in the very starting session.

As the enthusiasm about the event is mounting up, here we reveal top 5 expectations from the WWDC event.

1. Much improved ARKit

In the developer congress of Apple, we can expect some new directions about ARKit. The coding platforms of Apple are also used constantly to make value addition with systems like Metal, CoreML and several others for different devices and interfaces of the Apple family. Many of these value-added features get a boost to consume AR solutions. Besides some improvements with the ARKit at WWDC, we can also expect demos of new third-party AR apps and other details about the improved ARKit software.

2. New expectations with iOS 12

Apple is particularly focused on the stability of its new iOS upgrade, iOS 12. Naturally, we cannot expect much of the new things with many apps like the Mail or others. The new iOS will be focused on iPhone X which means we can expect some integration of elements like Animoji characters with features like FaceTime. There can be a clear improvement of the bundled Apple apps like Stocks, Do Not Disturb, etc. We can also expect support for multi-user sessions in playing AR games, and there can be crucial improvements for both FaceTime and Parental Controls.

With the new iOS 12, Apple is expected to address many of the shortcomings that were common with iOS 11. While enduring stability and addressing the glitches of the previous iOS 11 is the focus of new iOS 12, several value additions like a much-improved home screen and some camera app enhancements can be postponed.

The new iOS 12 can still deliver a much-improved version of the Face ID which after the new release can be used to unlock the phone in horizontal mode. According to many experts, Apple can actually come with a more extensive range of Animojis. As an interesting surprise, the TrueDepth camera technology is going to be included in the future iPad versions.

3. Expectations from new MacOS upgrade

In the last quarter of 2017, the news spread about a big security flaw with Apple’s Mac OS. The flaw is as big as to allow users logging in to any Mac system without password. Naturally, this year at WWDC, Apple is expected to address this security flaw with MacOS first.

4. Will WatchOS deliver new health and fitness features?

Well, new health and fitness features have already become an expectation as the new round display watch of Apple is already alive with a gamut of possibilities. We can expect Apple to announce something like a store for the new Watch faces an extensive scope of customising watch faces. The health and fitness functionality through the HealthKit can also be extended to a great extent.

5. Value additions with TVOS, Audio OS, Siri and Marzipan

The beta TVOS 11.4 is already out making integration of Apple TV into the Home app possible. The new beta version of the OS of Apple TV also syncs easily with AirPlay 2 multiroom speaker feature. This means wider integration of features with the HomeKit we can expect to be announced in WWDC this year. There can be a sizable number of announcements for Apple’s smart home and TV platform. The HomePod can finally be fully equipped to deliver a multi-room audio experience.

Most Apple developers are already aware on the buzz about “Marzipan” which basically refers to an initiative to allow Apple users stayed connected and synced while using a set of apps across various Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Can this allow iOS apps to run on MacBooks? Well, while there is no such clue about such outcome, a shared toolset for accessing some day to day features across devices looks very probable. At least, developers will enjoy some relief from designing and developing each version of the app for separate devices. The collaboration of iOS and MacOS and respective benefits can be a key highlight of the event.