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5 Ways To Make The Best Use Of Your Apple Watch

In the brief stint of about three months we have written a lot on different types of SmartWatches starting from AppleWatch, Samsung Gear, Moto 360 to the recently launched Vector SmartWatch and now we are back with the Apple Watch as it has finally shipped to the early customers who have been waiting for this masterpiece from Apple Inc.

Apple Fans world over are still not sure about the usage of the Apple Watch and how it can change your daily life, so we decided to bring an end to this anticipation and let you know the best cases to make the perfect use of your, oh-so-beloved Apple Watch.


AppleWatch Fitness

The Apple Watch comes with Fitness apps like “Workout” and “Activity” app. The new Apple Health app receives data from the above fitness apps. From Health, you can check the current and historic charts of your data. The Workout app is to be used during workouts as the name suggests. You can set a goal for duration of exercise, the calories burned and distance covered. During the exercise, you can check your progress by looking at the Apple Watch which includes the distance that you have covered, the speed of your activity and the time that you have been working out. Later, you can see the entire summary of your session at a go. There is a built in Coach in the app which provides you tips for improving your fitness and take it to the next level.


AppleWatch Travel

Travelling can be a headache sometimes when you don’t use technology well and the Apple Watch takes care of this. You can now receive notifications about your time of travel, seat information, flight information, ability to check-in with the Apple Watch and even luggage information would be provided directly to your Apple Watch. Now, you don’t need to have a separate room key when you check-in to a hotel, the Apple Watch will handle your check-ins and check-outs, tips, room service and food ordering along with the payments.


AppleWatch Communications

It is now time to communicate without using words and with the help of feelings. The Digital Touch features on Apple Watch give you fun, spontaneous ways to connect with other Apple Watch wearers, wrist to wrist. Sending and receiving text messages, calls etc, is tool old school and pretty mundane, with the Apple Watch you can actually make a genuine connection and be expressive. Stay connected with your inner circle by just clicking the side button on the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch breaks all stereotypes and change how we communicate.


Apple Pay

When Apple announced ApplePay, it was a huge leap in online payments and something that was not yet ventured by the company. So, many companies were skeptical at first to venture into Apple Pay system. Now you can buy coffee, movie tickets and much more right from your wrist i.e Apple Watch so it is a leap from cashless payments to card based payments and now to even card-less payments. There are unique security features that Apple has in mind for the watch which makes the users pay in a simple and secure way without worrying about thefts and hacks.


Apple Watch Notifications

Our lives literally revolve around notifications. I fear a time when the situation would be such that we would need a push notification for dinner, sleep, shower etc. and with Apple Watch by your side, you don’t need to worry as you can customise the notifications that you want to receive on your watch( for example the most important notifications like Calls, texts, emails etc.) and leave aside the rest for you to checkout later on your phone.

If you have any other interesting ways in which we can make the best use of the Apple Watch, you can mention it in the comments below.