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5 simple mobile apps you have never thought of

Just like every week, we are here with the top 5 apps which are simple yet so useful that once you start using those apps and get accustomed to it, it will be difficult to imagine your life(smartphone) without these utility mobile apps. These apps include something which you need from the moment you wake up ( one of them even for waking you up) to the time you call it a day. Let us checkout which these apps are.


You will be surprised by the simplicity of this genuinely amazing app which wakes you up, one of the toughest jobs in the world done so artistically. The Rise app does not encourage clutter, you just open the interface, set your time and go to sleep. It is as simple as this. Are you tired of waking up to those alarm bells, then why not try waking up to the woods or on a windy mountain or in the lap of nature( you can select such sounds). The app provides a large, beautiful clock in the centre to watch at any moment of the day or night. You can create as many alarm labels you like. The Rise app does a unique task of even helping you sleep along with waking you up, yes you heard it right.


The second app on this list is so useful that it was featured as the “Best New App” of 2014. Just imagine how often do you delete old pics from your device? Just when you are short of space you manage to delete those unwanted pics or transfer them to another device. Why is that? Just because it is tiresome to get rid of the unwanted pics or delete them on any device and that is where Flic comes in. It is the best camera roll management app for deleting pictures from your mobile phone. You just don’t realise how much time is saved by Flic. You can manage all the photos in your camera without any hassles and save time and storage space on your device.

Tweetbot 3

If you are managing a marketing twitter account, you definitely need a Twitter client to help you out because Twitter works so fast and you can miss a lot if you are not on par with the updates and it can affect negatively. Tweetbot was redesigned for iOS 7 and it is undeniably the best Twitter app we have till now. If you are using Twitter account on multiple devices, it will help you sync your timeline. You can draft your tweets. You can get push notifications and that too is customisable. You can create, edit and delete a twitter list of your followers. You can even use Cloudapp or Droplr to share images via Tweets or Direct messages.


Ever experienced that you are in the middle of a dream where in everything is going well for you and suddenly you wake up and forget everything in the morning. It happens with almost every person on this earth and until now there was no cure to this. But now you can remember your dream, thanks to this mobile app Shadow. Do you know that more than 95% dreams that we see are forgotten, if they are not recorded or stored by us. Shadow is an innovative alarm clock that lets you remember and record your dream. Once you start using it, the app’s experience is enhanced and you get more accuracy while recording and remembering a dream. Shadow is an invite only app available on both iOS and Android platforms, you can enter your mail id on their website and you will get an invite from the makers.


If you are someone who likes to write down each and every thing that you encounter throughout the day and are a fan of great designs, then Caroline and Young is for you. This app is a great data visualisation app for design lovers. You can set up a meeting reminder, store messages from your loved ones, write down important dates etc. on the mem:o app. Every single data or a mem:o is represented by a circle. You can add various tags like Entertainment, education etc. and even track your performance over a period of time. There is a unique calendar for remembering important dates and you can share this information with your friends via social media.

So, this week’s top 5 apps were quite simple but insightful of the type of apps we need in our day to day life but we never know that these apps exist or we never have an idea about how to look for an app for a specific purpose. If you have any such unique app ideas in mind, tell us your idea and we will develop your mobile app on iOS, Android or Windows platform.