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5 Futuristic Products From Google That Will Blow Your Mind

Google Driverless Car

It’s the first day of the week and what is better than starting the week with the top 5 segment. This time we are featuring the top five products from Google which we will be a rage in the future. They have been secretly working on providing free internet to the world, drones, driverless cars and much more such products. Let us throw some light on five such ambitious products from Google.

Google Driverless Cars

This Self-driving car is a product that was ridiculed in the beginning but now slowly companies have taken it seriously and now the technology that develops autonomous electric cars could be finally feasible as more and more companies are venturing into self-driving cars. The software behind the Self-driving cars is named Google Chauffeur. This project, from the beginning, was led by Sebastian Thrun who previously worked as the Director of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of Google Street View. The last update was on December 22, 2014, when Google launched a full-fledged prototype of the driverless car and even planned to test it on San Francisco Bay Area in 2015.

Google Home Thermostat

Google Home Thermostat

Nest focused on the more important but less noticed home products like a Smoke Alarm and the Thermostat. They acquired Nest by paying a staggering $3.2 billion. The thermostat uses a motion sensor to detect your presence and based on that, it enables the use of the thermostat and enables energy saving. You can use this in the scorching summers as wells bone-crushing winters and the Home Thermostat lives up to its name every single time. It will take care of your timings after weeks of use like it will know what time you wake up, what time you leave for the office, what time you hit the sack so that it can run efficiently.

Google Robot

Google Robot

Just a couple of months back you must have noticed the video of Google Robot or a robot dog that went viral in hours after it was uploaded on Youtube.The Robot Dog is built lighter keeping in mind that it has to sustain human kicks and remain stable and even climb terrains. The BigDog was around 240 pounds and it could carry weight up to 340 pounds, but “Spot” is the lightest and the fittest member of the family can move with agility and even more speed too. It is good to use the Robot Dog in places where there is not much room to play with but you still need the tasks to be performed without hampering the accuracy.

Google Clean Energy

Google Clean Energy

Google is making a huge say with their investment on renewable energy which is supposed to be $300 million to handle a minimum of 25,000 SolarCity Corp. rooftop power plants. Google, with the clean energy drive, is contributing to the SolarCity Fund of $750 million which is the largest solar panel installer based out of California. In all, They have invested $1.8 billion in renewable energy projects including both wind and solar farms spanning on three continents. The goal is to make cheap and renewable energy for the entire world.

Google Fiber

Google Fibre

Google Fiber is the fastest internet of the world and it is now available in a few cities for testing purposes and once they will be satisfied with the type of services that they are going to provide with Google Fiber, they will implement it worldwide too. With Fiber, an internet connection of up to 1000 MBPS is possible. No more buffering while watching your favorite videos and crystal clear HD TV. Google’s network has the bandwidth to bring you HD in all its glory. With Google Fiber connection comes one TB or cloud storage absolutely free. So, now more downloading and worrying about space on the hard disk of your PC.

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