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5 Apps That Revolutionised How We Text

Messaging has always been an integral part of our lives starting from the hand writen letters that shaped our lives to the emails, Facebook messaging and Whatsapp to the recent ephemeral apps like Snapchat where we chat using images and the most recent of them all, Pip where you can send across a message which is the most relevant and saves time. Of course, there are emojis too, but some people find emojis to mislead and don’t get to the exact point which they want to convey. At the moment, there are hundreds of messaging services and apps set to change how we text, but 5 Apps That Revolutionised How We Text have caught our attention.


Pip is the latest and the most relevant messaging app we have noticed in recent times and the best part about Pip is that it is a well structured messaging app. Pip is the first app in the alpha series and it bears resemblance with the idea of Yo app only it is better, because with Pip you can actually convey an important message like “I’m in a meeting” to your friends, which was not possible with Yo. At present, the structured messages that you can send through Pip are “Call me”, “I’m running late”, “Where are you?” etc along with your location and weather information and the other person can reply with another set of structured messages with a single tap. I have waited for this all my life.

The founders of Pip would be adding more structured messages for users in a relationship like “I love you” and “I miss you” and another structured message set for professionals like “Meeting?”, “Yeah sure”. They are adding an additional utility to the push notification, as users feel that it is better to recieve a Pip regarding an event or meeting rather than a long boring text message.

PIP App is now available on App Store and Google Play Store


Sending pictures a decade ago via email attachments was the most boring task ever. Did you ever think sending a picture across the world would be so easy, let alone the crazy idea of chatting in pictures. Well, in this selfie obsessed world Pop Messenger is an apt application to go for if you are tired of the usual chatting with your friends or partner and are looking for a welcome change. The most amazing thing about Pop is that you can send a Pop to anyone, even people not using Pop.

You can easily choose the font of your liking, a background color which suits your current mood, add a background image from unlimited images from the web or you can take a selfie and send it your love interest. Just select any image and Pop will compile the best message for you.

POP Messenger is now available on App Store and Google Play Store


The tagline of Ultratext, Text messages gone wild fits the bill as Ultratext is a crazy app which is fun to use, we would not suggest you to use this app with your boss or C-suite, as they might get offended because this app is not for serious people. Ultratext lets you send GIF images in a better way. Instead of replying with four or five images, you can send reply with a single GIF image. Ultra text is available for download on both AppStore and Google Play.

UltraText Messenger is now available on App Store and Google Play Store


Photo comments on Facebook are a rage and the masters of Sarcasm have an art to use picture comments wisely, even while texting with friends they can go to war with picture comments and stickers. Imoji is one such app which makes it convenient for you to converse with pictures and imojis. You can convert your selfies as well as celebrity pictures into imojis to be sent to your friends. There are always trending imojis on the app which you can use when discussing current events with friends or you can create your own custom list of imojis and have fun. At present, Imoji is available only for iOS users but we might have an app soon for Android and Windows too.

Imoji App is now available on App Store


Steven is literally an emoji world you can create for yourself, where everything is conveyed in emojis whether you fight with your boss, share a joke with a friend, tell your wife what you are doing and more in emojis. As you move from your home to office, office to the library, library to a coffee store, your status is updated by your location, you mught want to turn off this feature when you don’t want to convey people about your whereabouts in fear of being stalked. You can check out your friends’ status and know what they are upto and also check out their Emoji history, which tells you what they have been doing in the past month in case you missed out on catching up with them. You need to just pull down the app to open the camera, swipe left to open your friends list and swipe right to view the recent activities by friends.

Steven App is now available on App Store

So, these are the top five messaging apps which we think revolutionised how we text. In case, if we missed out any feature, you can mention it in the comments below.