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Mobile App Testing: What You Must Follow

Quality check is a step just as important as any other step in the app development process. The rigorous testing of new apps is a big part in development. Developers can write a good code, but a lot of time they are not able to test the same code effectively. Then there’s something happening in the app when the end user is using it.

This is why a development process also requires a Quality Analyst. They know what the user wants and can guide the developer to achieve that result.In addition to testing the app and achieving the final goal, mobile app testing includes certain other things like keeping away from obstacles while delivering the app to the end user, avoiding errors that will cause your product to crash, and a standard check of whether the app is up-to-date and meets the requirements of the user. If this isn’t done then users won’t think twice before abandoning your app.

Mobile App Testing is not an add-on

Companies often think that mobile app testing services are an add-on service which can be purchased. But separating the testing from development isn’t exactly a good thing to do. In this case what would happen is, the tester will find a bug and give it to the developer. Then the developer will fix it and give it back to the tester. The tester will again find a bug and the whole process will be repeated and it will go on and on.

This is even worse considering you have an in-house testing team and an outsourced developer. So always look for development teams that offer quality testing as an added function of their services.

The ideal development timeline should be as follows:

  • Idea
  • Design
  • Build
  • Test
  • Ship

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Types of Mobile App Testing

  1. Unit Testing. Individual parts of your code are checked and assessed for correctness. This is done using an automated test suite.
  2. UI Testing. It follows the process that might be followed by a user and make sure you get the right results. It can either be done on a real device or an emulator.
  3. Fuzz Testing. Both Unit and UI testing deal with expected input and output. But Fuzz checks through a random set of events.
  4. Performance Testing. Performance metrics should be recorded while UI and Fuzz testing, so resources are not wasted.
  5. End-to-end Testing. Integration or end-to-end testing is when you test your app with a mobile backend because until now you tested it in isolation.
  6. Pre-launch Testing. There is a final test you do before submitting your app on the app. You also do the UI and Fuzz test before this.
  7. Canary Testing. Canary test is done after the app is produced and out there in the market. This test runs the mobile app and the backend simultaneously.

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Follow The Principles of Mobile Testing

  1. Do not test on emulators, because your apps will not be used on emulators. They will be used on real devices. So use more than one device and more than one OS version.
  2. Make sure your app is doing what it is supposed to do. Keep reviewing the functionality of your app and make sure all the app is completely functional.
  3. Test the user experience. Check whether the app is fast and intuitive and the navigation is simple. Check if the app is giving out a good experience.
  4. Describe your issues in detail.
  5. Stay patient while testing the app. Do a thorough test with a clear and calm head. Check for each and every detail. Rushing through the testing will not guarantee success.
  6. Always consider the hardware. Keeping the hardware your app will be used on will make the testing for you easier. Your app will need to work on all kinds of hardware.
  7. Make sure continuous testing is done. Try different devices for the testing.
  8. Ask others to check the app for you. Sometimes when you keep looking at it, you won’t find the mistakes, but getting a third person perspective will help you look at it differently. This will also help you find if something’s wrong with your app.

Wrap Up

Mobile app testing is just like any other step. Do not think of it as something additional to the main process. At the end of all this, you must have an app that the users enjoy using and you as a company or developer are proud of creating.