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ZING: Smart Path Lighting

ZING- Smart Path Lighting

Zing is an intelligent path lighting system for your home. Each It is an awesome, full-color, plug-in night light. It comes with smartphone control and light effects and also includes automatic blue light reduction to help you sleep better. It is packed with connectivity options (Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi). Zing can act as a visual indicator for incoming calls and other smartphone events.

Uses Energy-efficient LED.

First and foremost, It is an energy-efficient LED night light with dusk-to-dawn light and motion sensors. It is powered by 12 full-color RGB+White LEDs. Each LED is capable of over 4-billion colors and 512 levels of brightness. Zing can be as soft or as brilliant as you’d like it to be. Individually addressable LED elements allow for a full-range of light effects.

Use Multiple Zing.

It will gently power up to 40% intensity via its bottom LEDs to help you navigate without blinding you whenever motion is detected. It will gradually return to standby levels after motion ceases. Multiple Zing lights learn and automatically illuminate your path without the need for manual configuration. It is lets you know about unusual and suspicious motion activities. This is done via push notifications on your phone. With the optional (free) Zing Locator service, Its can track & locate most other Bluetooth devices in your home with room-level accuracy.

The Zing App.

You can use the Zing app to fully customize It’s light features. Events and triggers can be assigned their own colors and effects. A traditional motion-triggered night light will only turn on when you move in front and in range of its sensor. It is much smarter.

A pack of Its will automatically learn and predict your entire path at night. Your midnight refrigerator run, your kid’s trip to the bathroom, etc. Every Zing along your anticipated route will light up with a soft glow as soon as the first movement is detected. No more scary dark doorways and no need to reach for light switches. It does this automatically by observing and learning your movement patterns over the course of 7-10 days.

Zing Locator.

Not only does Zing help you find your way in the dark, it can also help you find your stuff. Many modern gadgets emit Bluetooth Smart signals as part of their normal operation, including key trackers, fitness bands, smartwatches, even your phone. Zing Locator combines these signals into a real-time position of each item and makes their locations accessible via the Zing app or voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Just install a Its in each room. Once you configure the its Locator service, you can effortlessly track all the gadgets in your house. Don’t waste time looking for your tagged keys, wallet, purse, or smartphone in the morning. Find them in a snap with It. It is Locator works with most Bluetooth Smart devices on the market today.

Event Notification.

Don’t miss a call if you happen to leave the mobile phone in another part of the house or phone is set to vibrate. It is ¬†pairs with your phone to act as a visual indicator for incoming calls, text messages and many other smartphone events. Perhaps a family member is hearing impaired? Its would make a thoughtful gift.

Blue Light Reduction.

It is easy on your eyes, literally. Zing automatically reduces blue light emissions at bedtime which has been shown to help you regulate your melatonin levels and sleep better.

Plays Well With Others.

It is built with open technologies and can interface with many home automation platforms. We are committed to open and secure API access to all of Zing device capabilities. IFTTT users can expect rich integration with existing recipes. Set up Zing to work together with other smart home devices. Be visually notified when someone rings the Ring doorbell. Receive flash alerts when Nest Protect detects a CO2 or smoke emergency.

Delivery of Its begins in November 2017.