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ZEROi: A Hat With Bone Conduction Technology

zeroi cap

ZEROi is not your ordinary hat. It makes use of bone conduction technology. This technology allows you listen to music without earphones.

How Is ZEROi Different?

Previous products used hard cases. This way sound was reflected and easily heard. In ZEROi’s case, they have used a soft cloth material that absorbs leaking sound. Space was limited with other products. A buffer is needed around the bone conduction speaker to prevent any leakage of vibrations. The case was too small for other products that wanted to add this aspect. ZEROi has enough room where the buffer is needed which absorbs the sound.

Built-In Speakers.

ZEROi is a hat with four built-in bone conduction speakers. With this technology, you can listen to music or make phone calls, without earphones. You can do all this while being aware of your surroundings. ZEROi is water resistant, easy to use, and convenient on the go.

Bone Conduction.

Bone conduction is said to be a way of transmission of sound. Sound waves are transmitted at a frequency that can be conducted through the bones of the skull. Its doesn’t block the outside sound, so it can used in normal environment conditions.

ZEROi has four bone conduction speakers, compared to only two from competitors, which allows for an enhance clarity of sound and it can be worn at any time of the day regardless of the weather condition or the setting. ZEROi allows you to have an open ear which lets you be aware of your surroundings. One charge can last up to 5 hours. Due to the different designs and colors it is offers, it can be worn with any preferred outfit.

Built-In Microphone.

It has a built-in microphone that lets you make and answer phone calls without the use of extra earphones. You can answers call immediately and directly while shopping, reading, or exercising.

Oil Coating.

ZEROi is covered in an oil coating which prevents damage from rain, sweat, or accidental spillage. It is able to resist the penetration of water to some degree, but not entirely. It has a detachable magnetic connector which makes it easy to charge and protects your charging ports from objects such as dust, linen and water.

Comes In Three Colors.

With ZEROi, you can listen up to 5 hours of music. It takes almost 2 hours to completely charge it. ZEROi can be turned off/on with one click of a button. With the simplistic design of it, it can be easily controlled. ZEROi offers two designs: Snapback and Baseball Cap. It comes in three colors: white, black, and blue. With the multiple options available, matching with your preferred outfit should not be a problem. The use of the high quality oil coating on the cotton makes cap look gorgeous. The material used makes it durable and water-resistant.

Wear It Anytime, Anywhere.

It can easily be worn anywhere at anytime. ZEROi can help you get to your next destination. With the Bluetooth option, use your favorite navigation app and listen to the directions. There is no need to look at your phone because the directions are being told to you.

It is said to be shipped in the month of December, this year.