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Zenergy: Arguably World’s First Ever Four Fold Portable Scooter


Electric bikes of all types and capabilities are sweeping the market for some time and we have too many of them in the market now. Now, it is time to ride an innovative foldable electric scooter that commuters can utilize in their day to day city life. The Zenergy ‘FleXon’ portable electric scooter looks absolutely futuristic and technologically equipped to deliver great riding experience. Zenergy ‘FleXon’ scooter coming with a quadruple folding design accompanied with a removable lithium-ion battery pack. It has built-in stereo speakers as well to deliver more fun on the go.

It Promises A Truly Futuristic Drive

The Zenergy scooter can claim many accolades as a sturdy, feature rich, high tech and futuristic piece of regular commute vehicle ready to use across all walks of life. The lithium-ion battery charging the scooter can easily be refilled at times of need by just swapping out the drained units with fully charged ones in a couple of minutes. It is easily foldable in just four precise folds and highly portable.

The scooter comes also with a built-in Bluetooth stereo speaker allowing you to listen to your favorite music tracks on the go. It has bright LED lights enough to show you the way on dark roads. In all counts, it is the most impressive piece of high tech automobile launched so far in the market.

Inspired Solution For Modern Commuters

The Zenergy ‘FleXon’ foldable electric scooter just address the burgeoning demand of consumers for sustainable transport solutions that help them move around without relying on the public transport vehicles so much. It is conceived by a design company named Zentrepreneurship who launched a Kickstarter campaign this month for raising funds to produce the scooter on a mass scale. Zenergy electric scooter apart from all the high tech features seems to have an edge over many other electric vehicles in the market simply because of its unique quadruple folding design. The unique folding mechanism is itself the biggest draw for this futuristic e-scooter.

Features Zenergy Electric Scooter

The Zenergy electric scooter offers a whole array of sophisticated features along with a great folding design and sturdy built. Some of the most commendable and mention-worthy features and specifications of this electric scooter include the following.

  • It comes with a unique Quadruple Folding Concept patented in 2017.
  • It comes loaded with high-quality LG Lithium-Ion battery which remains removable.
  • It has built-in Bluetooth stereo speaker.
  • It also remains equipped with bright space LED lights.
  • The motor of the vehicle is very powerful but just delivers a quiet drive.
  • It remains minimalistic in shape, built and portability.

What Inspired Such a Futuristic Scooter?

While there are so many electric scooters with a varying range of capacities in the market most of them at least weighs more than 10kg which makes carrying them a big hassle. Zenergy as the electric scooter with an exceptionally lightweight built and foldable design conclusively addresses this issue. The company started building Zenergy FleXon as the world’s most portable electric scooter precisely with this inspiration in mind.

They were focused to create something which remains tremendously portable while not compromising with the utilitarian side of the vehicle. The company was particularly interested in designing a vehicle that can be of great use in all walks of day to day life. According to the company, it took the company months of efforts with several prototypes and testing endeavors. What came out at the end is nothing but an electric scooter with first ever four-fold design. Yes, the whole folded vehicle can easily fit into your backpack while you are not driving it.

Pricing, Shipping, and Kickstarter Campaign

Zenergy electric scooter is supposed to be available in the market from March 2018 and it is now available with a surprisingly affordable price tag of £120 on the Kickstarter platform. Obviously, this comes as a great affordable buy for the early backers of the project who find electric bikes interesting for rides.

Final Verdict

Electric and high tech feature rich scooters already became a mainstream phenomenon in the market for personal automobiles. But Zenergy in comparison to most of them has the advantage of donning a unique design with four folds that weighs a lot less. It is actually the first ever truly portable e-scooter that can be carried within a backpack.