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The Zanco Tiny T1: The World’s Tiniest Phone with Handy Built and Useful Features

The Zanco Tiny T1

Large screen big-sized smartphones make the overwhelming presence now as most smartphone brands are competing for larger screen size without really giving a damn to the size of a phone. While edge-to-edge display, bezel-less look and great battery life are the key considerations for most smartphone manufacturers now, an important consideration for phone handling often remains overlooked.

Yes, we often need just a basic phone for quick dialling instead of a feature-rich large device.  To meet this silently creeping demand at last Zanco Tiny T1 arrived in the market. Well, it is dubbed as the world’s smallest cell phone and quite deservingly it made a lot of fanfare these days.

Exceptionally small yet functionally superb

Tiny T1 gives the first impression almost similar to a toy but in reality, it is a highly functional device with the capability of voice calling and text messaging. It offers a full numerical keyboard and a really tiny OLED display having just a resolution of 64 X 32. With such crazily small size and practical functions for a basic phone, T1 stays competitively ahead of all other phones in the market.

Capable of working on a 2G network, weighing just a little more than 10 gms and costing an impressive $13, it is one of the best small phones in the market. It is ideal to work as a backup device besides your big screen smartphones.

Impressive specs and design

Do you already own a smartphone with a large screen? Do you still want a small, compact smartphone that allows you to call at emergency situations quickly without really taking out your large device? And, do you want something of a phone to take along easily that allows you to travel light while keeping you in touch with a phone number? Well, this 13g weighing, lighter than a coin phone which comes with a dimension of just 21 x 46.7mm can just be the ideal companion.

Coming to technical capabilities, it is fully compatible with nano-SIMs, and it can operate on the 2G network. It features a fully operational speaker, a tiny microphone and a keyboard with the full layout. This surprisingly small device comes loaded with 32MB RAM, 12.5mm OLED screen and also a micro USB charging port allows you to charge the battery.

With a single charge, the battery delivers 180 minutes of uninterrupted talk time. It boasts of a phonebook with 300 contacts and can store up to 50 recent calls and same for the messages. Let us have a look at the key highlights of the doe section and capabilities of T1.

  • It comes with a 300 contact phone book memory
  • It can store up to 50 SMS messages
  • Capacity of storing up to 50 recent numbers
  • Compatible with Nano Sim
  • 32 RAM + 32 ROM
  • A tiny 12.5mm OLED screen
  • Micro USB charger
  • Battery life up to 180 minutes of talk time
  • 13 Voice changers
  • It weighs just 13gm

Impressive price tag

Now, you don’t need to worry about the price of this impressive piece of the phone as it comes with an unbelievably low price. Tiny T1 comes as extremely cheap and thus alone can make it suitable as an emergency phone. The crowdfunding campaign of the device at Kickstarter will allow you buying this phone for just $13.

Who needs this phone after all?

This weird looking device which can make anyone enjoy a soulful of laugh at first acquaintance may not really be the must-have device, but it still deserves to be a coveted one for people who wants something of a handy phone without making them carry the bulk of a smartphone. Here are some reasons to possess a Zanco tiny t1:

  • It’s unique with its crazy small design and built.
  • It just works as the ideal backup of your smartphone in emergency situations.
  • It’s a beautiful, cute gift for anyone needing to receive calls every now and then.
  • It is the ideal phone when you need to travel light.
  • It’s the perfect phone for activity and workout sessions and all sports like jogging, running, cycling and other physical games.
  • It is the ideal phone to pass through dangerous city districts with a high record of snatching valuables from passers-by, especially from travellers.

Final Verdict

It is not less than a design innovation that made this breathtakingly simple and powerful calling device possible. Yes, in that regard buying a piece of Zanco tiny t1 doesn’t require much of a decision making, especially when it comes with such a sumptuous price tag.