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Youtube Kids : Google follows Vine to launch an app for kids

Youtube Kids : Google follows Vine to launch an app for kids

It seems like kids are having a good time and major apps and websites are not just for adults but there are standalone apps for kids. Vine just developed a kids app recently and now Youtube is ready with “Youtube Kids”. “Youtube Kids” was launched on 23rd February 2015. There are lots and lots of content for kids on Youtube, but with that, there is also a lot of content on Youtube which is not appropriate for kids, hence the standalone version for kids.

What is “Youtube Kids”?

Youtube Kids’ concept was designed by the in-house team at Youtube with parental guidance requirement along with Common Sense Media. There is a simple interface for “Youtube Kids” where the comments of the viewers are disabled. And parents can set a timer as to when and how much the app should run for their kids.

The Youtube Kids app has larger icons than the regular Youtube app to make it simpler for kids to get hold of the things they are looking for. When you tap on the TV set, you will get to see shows like Thomas the Tank Engine and Yo Gabba Gabba and the radio will play the most recent popular songs.

Features of Youtube Kids?

Education is one of the most important reasons that Youtube Kids is being launched as a standalone app and there are features that support Education in a unique way. There is a lightbulb in the app and it represents the educational programs. For example, videos from Khan Academy (a popular online tutorial) and binoculars to explore the most popular videos on Youtube.

There are two ways for kids to search a video, by speaking or by typing in the search bar. The best thing why it is safe for kids is that when your kid tries to search something like “Sex”, the app will decline politely with a “Try something else”.

Availability and Shows on Youtube Kids?

The Youtube Kids app is available for use since this Monday and it is available only for Android devices at the moment, but looking at the anticipation and response to the Android app, Google will soon come up with the iOS version too. Google did not specify anything about the Chromecast viewing and Android TV compatibility, but again it will soon be available.

The Youtube Kids app will only feature special shows produced for the younger audience like those from Jim Henson TV, Mother Goose Club, DreamWorks TV, Talking Tom and Geographic Kids.

Parents were scrutinising Youtube since a long time that there are lots and lots of inappropriate videos on Youtube which children get an easy access to when they should not and it creates a lot of problems too. But now they can be rest assured with this amazing app for kids and with the parental guidance, parents can easily control the usage of the app and can monitor what their kids view on the app. We are looking forward to the success of this app and rooting for many more apps like these for kids.