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Yahoo Mobile: Can Mobile change Yahoo’s fortune?

yahoo mobile

Ever since Marissa Mayer took the reigns as the CEO of Yahoo, she was so sure to take Yahoo forward in mobile and it seems after years, Mayer’s dream is shaping up and soon this could very well be Yahoo’s ultimate strategy to compete with Google and not just a hobby anymore. Now there is a long list of facts that prove that Marissa Mayer was right from the beginning and what she predicted about the world of Mobile was true and it makes sense that Yahoo is now after mobile, all guns blazing.

Which Mobile Trends excited Yahoo

The first one in this list has to be the rise and rise of Online shopping which is 90% based on Mobile. Messaging apps are now becoming whole platforms, like Wechat’s taxi integrations, Line’s games and Snapchat adding the feature Snapcash payment which proves that the users want more services from a single platform which has become their favourite. The sudden rise of Phablets or huge size mobiles which has increased massive media usage prompting that Yahoo is on the right track.

Yahoo Search is back with a bang

There was a time during the peak days of Yahoo that the search engine gave a tough fight to Google but somewhere down the line Yahoo was rigid to change with time whereas Google just followed the norms and brought the right changes as time progressed and established itself in every technology possible on earth. Yahoo, now right back on the track has the same advantage and with a new team they are once again set out to compete with Google.

Search on web and in apps is a different ball game and Yahoo was quick to realise that and launched Yahoo Search in app which has been integrated with Yahoo’s main app which is a search tool for mobile apps. With this, the users would not have to leave the developer’s app to search and in turn the developer will be asked to share the ad revenue with Yahoo, so it’s a win-win situation here.

Yahoo Search in Apps has also been integrated with Yahoo News Digest, Yahoo Mail and Android launcher Yahoo Aviate. Yahoo explained this simply by giving an example of someone using the news app and wanting to learn more about the topic of content. Yahoo will let them search without leaving the app.

The future of Yahoo with Mobile

Yahoo recently had the first mobile developer conference where the company launched their new Mobile Development Suite which combines Yahoo App Publishing for monetisation. Yahoo even announced Yahoo marketing with Flurry Analytics acquisition which was done last year.

Yahoo has roped in a three mobile advertising option for developers: Gemini native ads on Yahoo’s properties, video ads on third parties and Sponsored Post social ads on Tumblr. And now developers can target ads in one of these channels using Yahoo’s tool. Yahoo has sure a lot on their plate at the moment and if all goes well, the future of Yahoo looks quite promising.