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WonderCube : A Small Wonder in Technology


Does your smartphone go out of juice(battery) when you need it the most? Even having a power bank everywhere with you is not likely because there are times when you have to carry light and can’t have numerous devices on you. So, should you stop charging your phones? Should you stop transferring data to your laptop just because you don’t carry the cable? No, you should get a new device. Yes, but a device which is so small( a 1 inch cube) that you can carry it with you literally anywhere and it performs a lot of tasks that you can only imagine with a single cube of technology.

What is WonderCube?

You might yet not have heard about this breakthrough technology that is still in initial funding on Indiegogo but there is something about this piece of technology which has garnered backing from all fronts. WonderCube is the world’s smallest all-in-one mobile solution for the generation who lives on the Social Media.

It is small enough to carry in your pocket and you won’t even know that you are carrying it. The beauty of WonderCube lies in the point that this device can be used for both Android and iOS devices, maybe getting to Windows later.

Features of WonderCube

You don’t need to deal with tangled cables when you work with WonderCube which is the beauty of using this device. There is a foldout USB cord which measures 3 inches when it is extended. Everything is folded in just 1 inch, and looks really neat. The WonderCube is that compact, durable and something that you can always carry with you everywhere.

You can use the WonderCube to charge your smartphone for a vacation or anywhere you need to go, so you can keep connected with your virtual world. You can use it as a stand to make it stand in landscape or portrait mode too. If your phone always falls short of memory, no need to worry anymore as WonderCube has built in memory upto 64GB so now you can download all those apps you deleted and pictures and videos of your last vacation which you were planning to delete can now rest on your new device.

What else you need to know about WonderCube?

The project is still up for funding on Indiegogo and you can pre-book this device and be the first ones to get a hands on experience on the smallest and smartest device of recent times. And if you are one of those people who would like the others to test the device first and once all the errors are rectified, you would like to buy the next or the more improved version, you must wait for now. You can use the Cube as a mini torch as it comes built in with a LED light, so I wonder if there is anything the WonderCube can’t accomplish.

The WonderCube starts from as low as just $39 on Indiegogo for pre-booking and most of the devices are sold out, so the Cube is in demand before even arriving to the party. If you would like to know more about the WonderCube, you can mention it in the comments below.