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Wi Charge : Charge your Devices with Infrared Light


If you are a cellphone user(that is if you are human because every human , even kids nowadays have a cellphone) has faced the annoying low-battery signal and struggle to reach out to the charger. It creates a messy situation when you are still having a meeting on your mobile and there is no place to even sit near the charging port, so you conduct the meeting just standing there getting tired and even looking like a fool sometimes.

Sometimes you can’t help but accept the situation when there is no extra charger available when all the chargers are occupied by other members of your family etc. but an Israeli startup refused to accept that situation and have come up with a unique idea of charging via wi-fi with the help of infrared light.

Wi Charge

The Wi Charge group was founder five years back in 2010 and it was some really good thinking on their part as now we are facing the problems with charging such that the smartphones and other devices going out of juice every now and then. The Wi charge is a wireless power transmitter that allows users to charge electronic devices using infrared radiation. The mission of the team was to make the mobile devices self sufficient and help the users get rid of charging frequently. This is some noble thought.

Features of Wi Charge

Currently the features of the the Wi charge include working with hotspots which transmit energy to charge the devices via light beams that are converted by a photovoltaic cell into the receiver. So, this is the something similar to our phones getting internet access without having to connect with any external device, now even our phones would be able to charge in a similar fashion.

Wi Charge converted the prototype phase into a full fledged model in just a matter of 15-18 months as they were out with the fully functional model ready to be shipped to the consumers. In the earlier models, the receiver would first be provided as an accessory and finally they will be fully integrated into the mobile devices as time progresses.

What you need to know about Wi Charge?

If we get into the details of this exceptional technology, a transmitter placed on the ceiling can cover an area of about 50 sq. meters but the company promises to deliver and even cover larger areas in the coming time. The receiver on the phone can be as small as a simple mobile camera.

Interestingly, there were questions about how fast the Wi chargers would be in comparison with the normal chargers and the makers of Wi Charge accepted the challenge and the results were good. They have even ensured that the Wi-Charge is safe to use inspite of using the infrared radiations, the users are not at a risk and they can keep using this device on a daily basis just like we use Wi-Fi. We are happy to see such remarkable innovations in Technology which makes life easier for the world.