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5 Major Reasons Why Your Chatbot Fails to Attract Clients

We’ve read way too many articles about how chatbots are the future of technology and business and what are some ways to take advantage of a chatbot for your business. Chatbot app development helps in making a brand more client-oriented, increases customer loyalty and sales.

This pushes you to build and implement a chatbot for your business. But when the final results are in front of you, it is far from what you actually expected from the chatbots. But there are several reasons why it went wrong or steps that caused the problem. Let us take a look at why your chatbot is not able to attract customers to your business.

Create a Detailed Strategy

Compare your chatbot with your landing page. Your landing page facilitates client attention and makes them more interested in your products and brand. A landing page should be selling your products and services. List down all the goals that you want to achieve using your chatbot. Think of a proper strategy between your potential clients and your chatbot. Select your target audience. Figure out the functions of the chatbot. Know how it will help your customers. Look at your chatbot as a marketing and sales tool. All the aspects of marketing must be applied here as well.

Too Many Features

Here, you need to compare it with a landing page again. Apply the less is more principle here as well. Do not try to add too many different kinds of features and answers to all kinds of questions. Choose some specific features and try to make them perfect. Your chatbot can be used to check order and delivery status and also send out additional data. It can also be a part of your sales funnel as an active tool. Send out notifications about discounts. Make your chatbot act like a personal manager to your customers. This way you can support your customers at every stage of the product or service use.

Testing Your Chatbot

Testing your chatbot is a step that is as important as any other. Your bot might start showing problems due to coding or function mistakes. Misrepresentation can often take place due to your chatbot and this can confuse your clients. Forgetting about important functions is easy as you might not think of them as useful. Or you also end up adding way too many features that are not even useful and this will make your chatbot more confusing. There are several reasons why your chatbot needs constant testing to function properly.

Your Chatbot is Annoying

You might think that the more you write to your client, they will be more interested in your products and react more. But that is not true at all. The best thing to do is to make sure to your customers that your bot won’t spam them every now and then. A Chatbot is a new tool and it might difficult to understand. But consider it as an email. Do not send out too many of them or it will only drive your customers away. Send a few messages and try making them unique. Offer something that can easily resonate with your customers.

What Will Your Clients Ask?

Automating communication and driving in sales and customers is the main goal of a chatbot. This is why it is extremely important to know your target audience. This requires an investigation regarding what questions would the sales people ask the customers, take a look at the personal messages that were used before you automated the communication, existing clients survey, take a look at what your competitors are doing. This is a good exercise in developing your chatbot. Gather all the information that is required and note them down in a document and keep the record which will further be useful. Divide them into categories to make them easier to understand.


Chatbots are a new tool that every business is trying to integrate into their sales and marketing module. But you need to learn the very basics of a chatbot first. Developing is easy, but making the right chatbot for your business is difficult. This article tells you what you are doing wrong with your chatbot. It is up to you to decide and to get the right help, hire chatbot app development company.