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Why you should start using Google Keep?

If you think you are the only one unaware about the Google Keep application, then you maybe wrong because Google Keep never got the fanfare it deserved or for that matter any Google product deserves and being passed on as just-another-Google-product. The early reviewers compared Google Keep with all the wrong apps like Evernote and Microsoft’s One Note. It’s really shameful and disrespectful for Google execs as one of the best apps for notes went under the radar.

It was never designed to compete against Evernote and Microsoft One Note and it’s now time to revive the Google Keep app and give it the fair share of appreciation and acknowledgement it deserves. Then maybe, we can see whether it is able to compete the likes of Evernote and Microsoft One Note.

Google Keep was launched a week after we lost Google Reader app. Google fans were furious due to the sudden closing down of Google Reader app and they were skeptical of using it, thinking why to use this app when one day Google is going to shut it down? They had a valid point that today people are worried about which products Google is going to kill next but it is not fair to judge an app by being biased towards that move from Google, it is unfair to Google and to Google Keep, which is a fantastic app and asking people to be used.

Google Keep is a notepad connecting to Google Drive and syncs perfectly with all your Android devices. What does it do? It supports photo notes( yeah really), voice notes(perfect for Google Now) and checklists. It allows you to take notes, voice notes, memos etc and save it on the Google Drive to view it again using any other device. A person who likes a simple, fast note taking app to save it on the desktop and can view it from your Android phone. Google Keep has an inbuilt support for all Google accounts, so you can use it with your own business accounts too.

The Google Keep interface is simple, yet colourful. Actually, these colours are used to organise the tools which can easily separate personal and work notes. If you are looking for a good note taking app, love working on Android apps and if google chrome is your default browser then Google Keep is for you. Let us take a look at the features of this amazing app:

Keep is really fast irrespective of the Android version on your device. The app requires Android 4.0.3(Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher, but older devices having regular updates do not have a problem. Adding a quick note is very simple. You just need to tap at the text box on top of its window and start typing, ideally useful when noting down a number or address for a friend or colleague.

You will not need to tap around to add different types of notes and you don’t even need to switch views to check different types of notes. The voice notes provided by Google Keep is much better than its competitors. You can add a voice note in Google Keep by simply tapping the microphone and start speaking. Once you finish talking in to the app, the speech is converted to text and also adds the original voice to the note just for the user to be sure of not making any mistake.

Google is a master at speech to text recognition, so no brownie points for guessing that right for the Google Keep app. It is very easy to save your date on the Google Drive and it means that your data is portable and you are the sole owner, irrespective of the machine you use.

The search and archive options in Google Keep is very simple and makes it really easy for you to get hold of the notes taken months back in a matter of seconds. The home screen widget is quite awesome and fun to use.

Google Keep is not the most perfect app ever made, but it is very efficient to use and it is definitely not Evernote and Microsoft One Note. So, if you are the kind of person who likes to lead a hassle free organised life, then you must start using Google Keep before it is too late and you start resenting the fact that Google took it off the block.