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Volvorii Timeless : The Future of Footwear

Volvorii Timeless

There is no end to the list of wearables that keeps growing day by day by all types of fitness trackers, SmartWatches, Virtual Reality devices etc. and don’t be surprised but there are SmartShows coming up for people the people who always like to be on the go. These shoes are so beautiful that you can’t get your eyes off them and the comfort these Stilettos give is mind blowing. Yes, you heard me right that these are comfortable Stilettos, a word that is not usually associated with Fashion and Stilettos but it is high time we start taking care of our health, and the fashion will automatically follow if you are healthy.

Volvorii Timeless Smart Shoes

Even shoes have become smarter now, yes the good thing is that the wearable market is on the rise and more and more wearables are introduced. Volvorii smart shoes are a special type of shoes that you can customise to match your outfit and it is just one step away from reality, so all you fashionistas can have that perfect pair of stilettos you were wanting to buy. Volvorii smart shoe is a classic leather peep toe heel whose colors and patterns can be controlled and matched with your outfit for the night via a smartphone app. Could this be any cooler?

The heels are embedded with flexible electronic paper screen that can be made to display a whole lot of different things.

Features of Volvorii Smart Shoes

The customisable Volvorii smart shoes are getting some rave reviews from people who have recently got a hands on experience of the shoes. They said that the Volvorii Smart shoe’s screen appears to be black and white e-paper but future models might hold color e-paper screens like Pebble Time, that funky low budget smart watch. These are still pretty early days for the wearable shoe tech and Volvorii offers a piece of future and give us an idea how we will approach shoes in the future.

More about Volvorii Smart Shoes

The e-ink heels were developed by Lithuania-based startup iShüu Technologies. The working model of the Smart Shoe has been tested by Boston’s Dragon Innovation to give some respite and hopes to the Indiegogo backers.

It is now possible to pre-order the Volvorii e-ink heels from the crowdfunding website for just $249, and this has to be a huge discount from the actual value because even genuine shoes charge way more than this.The company hopes to ship the Volvorri smart shoes to all backers by the end of December 2015 or early next year.

A Bluetooth low-energy receiver is concealed into the shoe’s sole allowing the smartphone app to communicate with the shoe’s display, as well as a 200 mAh battery that can be charged wirelessly. It takes two hours for the shoe to fully charge it uses a little power to run so that the shoe is supposed to run without recharging for at least two to six months, depending on your use.