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Type Snippets : Let the Keyboard do the Talking

TypeSnippets keyboard

Do you ever get bored of texting? Yes, I do get bored of texting sometimes to the extent that I call the person. But again, texting was invented because it was not always possible to call someone or when you didn’t want to talk to the person so a text would come in handy. But, the usual notion of texting has gone for a toss since quite sometime and people have started texting through emojis and memes. There are lots of app released recently which use emojis for primary conversation.

How happy you would be if someone agreed to do your typing? Yes, now you can be that happy because there is this new app “TypeSnippets” that actually does the talking for you and you just have to play along.

What is Type Snippets?

Type Snippets is a keyboard that types for you and makes your work convenient because most of the times it so happens that you are sick of typing the same messages again and again on your smartphone. For example, you must have typed your address and phone number a zillion times on your smartphone but still you have to do that whenever you install a new app. There is a possibility that you stop looking at the address you type and sometimes send the wrong address. So, TypeSnippets makes it easy to let go mistyped addresses and phone numbers by providing a keyboard with the text that we generally use on our phone.

Features of Type Snippets?

The Type Snippets app is built for iOS 8, so just one tap and you are introduced to the world of awesome customised keyboards. All you need to do is to tap and hold the globe icon to go to TypeSnippets and tap the globe once again to change to QWERTY keypad. You can create a snippet for literally anything like your email address, your bank account number, your phone number etc . and you can come up with your own unique ideas.

More about Type Snippets

The best thing about Type Snippets is that you are allowed to use if for free before actually buying the app. So, you can create 1 to 3 snippets for free and use it for a particular time and feel the importance of the snippets before buying the app for a few bucks. The Type Snippets app is for iPhones and iPads running iOS 8 only, which might be a let down for other users, but once it works for iPhone there is no doubt that we will surely see a multi platform Type Snippets app soon.

If you would like to know more about the Type Snippets app, you can mention it in the comments section below.