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Domino’s Pizza – Tweet pizza emoji to get it.

Pizza Emoji

If you think that picking up the phone and calling for a pizza or ordering it using an app is too much of a hassle, then the ‘tweet-to-order’ option is another fun way of getting that pizza delivered to your door step. Young and busy customers now have the convenience of ordering their pizza pies with pizza emoji from twitter itself. Since 50 percent of the sales of the pizza franchise take place digitally, the idea was to make the process even more speedy and easy. Domino’s announced this fancy ordering system on Twitter on the 20th of May, with its series of cryptic pizza emoji tweets. Currently this is only limited to American customers.

The pizza emoji

 To make things even more efficient and effortless for the consumer, the purchase of pizzas can now be done without writing a single word. The only thing required is a pizza emoji which is good enough to get you your pizza.

How to tweet-to-order – a five second exchange

You want that pizza? Then all you’ve got to do is go to the Domino’s site and sign up for an Easy Order. You register your Twitter handle and pizza preferences. Done? Now you can place your order by tweeting only the pizza emoji to @Dominos. Domino’s will then send you a DM to confirm the order and bang. Your pizza will be delivered right to your doorstep. And yes, this is a permanent option for consumers and not a temporary one.

Wrong side up

Although tweeting for pizza with just an emoji seems fun and too easy, it isn’t actually. Certain reviews mention that it could take as long as three long hours and several trials to actually getting your pizza. Unfortunately, to use the Twitter system, a customer has to have an “Easy Order,” or a saved preferred order of choice, on hand. And the only way to have an Easy Order is if you’ve actually placed an order before. [sad face emoji] It definitely seems like a pricey flaw in the system understanding the fact that not everyone using the ordering method is necessarily a frequent Domino’s customer. To this effect, the appeal of being able to order with an emoji which is supposed to be the motivation factor, will fizzle out, it seems.

Regardless of being a smooth transaction to a certain extent, multiple orders creates a kind of chaos and there is also this shocker about tweets-to-order must be limited to 2 characters or less for the chain to take your order seriously. Seriously?

Too Less for the Twitter-friendly Generation?

While it may seem pointless and geared towards Twitter-loving people, the system is actually pretty useful to a certain category of individuals. If you are a creature of habit and enjoy ordering the very same things over and over again without any change in the pre-existing order and if you are a die-hard Domino’s fan, then this is the system for you. For the rest of world, you’re out of luck.

With a multitude of options to order from such as the phone or online or even your smartwatch, we do wonder what the necessity of the Twitter emoji is. And even though the feeling of falling off the edge has spread a bit too early, we are hoping for a solution that could actually keep this glued together.

Twitter plus Pizza would have been a great thing but with its numerous onboard challenges, Domino’s seems to have missed the point of frictionless commerce. And that comes with a ‘sad face emoji’. Instead there was another method announced before few days to order a pizza through Smart TV, Watch and Car. How about that?