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Transcend SSD370S – a new level of speed and reliability

Transcend SSD370S

Although SSDs have been in the market for quite some time now, you might be wondering as to why they have not hit the mainstream yet. Well, comparing the sales of the SSD to the hard drive, we can gather that they are still in their infancy. One of the main reasons for this of course, would be the industry’s lack of knowledge about the key element for the sales of the product. What is it exactly that would make the SSD a ‘must have’ product from the consumer’s point of view? Where price has been the one of the main deterrents in the years gone by, with a 128GB being sold for over $3000, it was taken over by reliability which then opened the doors to performance and capacity. However, value has been the key ingredient to any success the SSD would have and even today manufacturers haven’t yet found a foothold on how to get the right balance of all these factors in order to sell it to the consumer in mass.

However, only recently, value, ease of installation, great performance, high-capacity and reliability is a combination which Transcend hopes to have finally found in its SSD370. Because of this, Transcend SSD370S is widely available in several capacities than we have seen in a long time.

What you’d love about the Transcend SSD370S

It boasts blazing transfer speeds, a compact and lightweight design, large capacities, shock and vibration resistance, and supports DevSleep mode. So it only goes to say that you get to enjoy a smooth, lag-free computing experience when you’re travelling.

Lots of space. Lots can be stored

Transcend SSD370S ranges from 32GB to 1TB capacities. This is of great help and you can save the time you usually use to drag and delete files. It aids in processing large multimedia files within seconds.

Save power

Thanks to the full support of the SATA Device Sleep Mode (DevSleep), the Transcend SSD370S maximizes notebook battery life even when it is not being used. The DevSleep ultra low power state conserves more battery power than current power saving features such as standby mode.

Fast response

Because the Transcend SSD370S has a remarkable response time of less than 100 milliseconds, you can begin work again on your computer almost instantly.

Ultra-slim. Ultra-portable.

It measures just 7mm in height and weighs a mere 52g, which is goes perfectly well with today’s advanced Ultrabooks, thin-and-light notebooks as well as mainstream PCs.

A new level of reliability

The SSD370S offers a brilliant garbage collection and recycling system. Then there is the built-in wear-leveling and Error Correction Code (ECC) which ensures continued reliable data transfer and which of course increases the lifespan of Transcend SSD370s.

Taking control with SSD Scope

The advanced SSD Scope software application is available to download and works with the SSD370. It keeps the Transcend SSD running fast, clean, and error-free.

A 3.5″ bracket included for PC upgrade.

Each SSD370S includes a 3.5-inch bracket to give the ultimate choice of PC upgrade. All you have to do is simply screw the SSD370 onto the 3.5-inch bracket and experience a new level of transfer speeds almost immediately.

Smart Pricing

The best part about Transcend SSD370S is that it sells at a price that has only been equaled by the likes of SanDisk, Samsung and Crucial/Micron themselves. It is somehow even lower in price than the NAND flash memory. The Transcend SSD370 is available in $48 (32GB), $53 (64GB), $69 (128GB), $119 (256GB), $224 (512GB) and $449 (1TB). The SATA 3 SSD, has built-in wear-leveling and ECC to ensure data transfer and comes with a three-year warranty.