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Top 5 Companies That Made Exciting Announcements at E3 2018

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E3 2018 has been wrapped up. E3 is definitely the biggest event in the gaming industry, without any doubt. The event was held from June 12 to June 14 in Los Angeles. At this year’s show, we witnessed an assortment of exciting announcements, surprises and revelations across different platforms. There were many different companies and brands coming with either a new game or a new iteration of an older game. Today we are going to discuss about the top 5 companies that brought in their presentations at the E3 2018.

1) Nintendo

Nintendo presented itself at E3 2018 with its signature charm. Now that Nintendo has proved that the Switch is really worth and probably one of the best consoles in the market right now, it is the right time to fill its library with some amazing games. The Battle Royale hit Fortnite is said to be coming to Switch. The new version of the game will allow cross-play with the Xbox One, PC, mobile. But it doesn’t support PS4 cosplay. The announcements made by Nintendo were pretty much predictable, so nothing came off as a surprise. But it’s good Nintendo knows where it’s headed.

2) Microsoft

Microsoft has got the hardware, now it needs to work on the games. Microsoft delivered in a stylish way at E3 2018. Microsoft’s part of the conference was almost a non-stop series of great announcements. It mentioned game after game that would receive new details. The Cyberpunk 2077 was definitely the highlight of the show. They closed the conference with the first in-game trailer. Microsoft also made announcements about some new games that included Halo Infinite and Gears of War 5. Games like Fallout 76, Crackdown 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider etc also received their fair shares of the trailer.

3) Sony

Sony had a different approach with its PlayStation this year at the E3. Like it or not, Sony still delivers when it comes to good games. Sony earlier made a few announcements, but the main bulk was only received in the E3 conference. A very small number of big games were being focused on this year and were given extended looks. There were a few small announcements as well. Sony’s part of the conference did lack a bit of punch and surprise, but we always expect and hope for great things from Sony, and we know it will deliver.

4) EA

EA, in its conference, mentioned both big-budget AAA games as well as some smaller indie games. They showcased glimpses of FIFA 19 and Battlefield 5. Unravel 2, an indie title, got its demonstration and also got a surprise announcement that it is available now. Towards the end, new information about Anthem was showcased through a cinematic trailer. There was also some developer insight into the gameplay and story. It looks really great and has the potential to be an amazing game.

5) Bethesda

Bethesda’s conference started off a bit slow, but it managed to pick up speed later. The 2016 Doom release got a sequel called Doom External. The game looks very dark and depressing but will be really fun to play. Microsoft had already discussed about Fallout 76, but Bethesda mentioned it would be releasing on November 14. Two new VR titles were also announced. Bethesda’s conference was a mix of everything, be it big games or sequels or small titles. It had it all.

Rounding up

News about new games or sequels or hardware isn’t all that E3 had in store. There were a lot of other things going on as well. And this news was equally exciting as well. The Switch version of Battle Royale will receive built-in voice chat function. Improvements on Xbox app for Windows 10 will also be done soon, because the needs and wants of the PC gamers weren’t considered first. There is also a new gaming headset specifically designed for Battle Royale. All of these announcements sound exciting but we’re gonna have to wait for them to see them come out.