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The smart new age wearables by Withings

Withings Activite Pop

In the recent past, many technology giants have come up with a wearable of their own as if launching a wearable device is the coolest thing to do. So, when Apple Watch was announced by the Cupertino based giant, it was supposed to be the best smart watch ever made surpassing Moto  360. LG G watch and Samsung Galaxy gear and it felt like there never will be any better smart watch than the chic Apple Watch but Withings, a health and wellbeing solutions provider based out of France, USA and Hong Kong launched two of their iconic products: Withings Activite and Pulse O2.

Withings Activite is a Swiss made watch which has a unique combination of time and activity tracking. Motion is life is the tagline of the watch and it is rightly so. The watch is a classic assortment of french calf leather with a swiss made dial, every watch with a Swiss made backing is divine. The watch comes with a silicon strap for exercising and swimming and it is water resistant upto 50M. The watch has been designed in Locle and the dials come in 2 different colours: one is a sleek black with an orange accent and a white face with a blue accent.

The Activite is a unique smart watch which promotes a healthy lifestyle. It will track each and every move of yours and provide you the best possible feedback on reaching your goal. For example, if your daily goal is to walk 10,000 steps then it will count each and every step you walk and will make sure that you complete it by giving you gentle reminders. It will also provide the total distance travelled along with the calories you must have burned by that activity. Shut up and take my money already.

A healthy workout is as useless as the bubble wrap after you burst it, if you do not get the rest your body deserves and we all know that with the hectic work style we have, we know that our body requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep but we don’t get that. Sleeping for 8-9 hours alone is not enough, our body requires quality sleep and the Activite provides just that, it monitors our sleep and also has a alarm which vibrates.

When we talk about the specifications of a smart watch or any other wearable, the most important point which draws our attention is the battery life as nobody wants a dead piece of technology on their hand if they can’t use it frequently. This is the best part about Withings Activite, it has a remarkable battery life of more than 8 months because it is powered by CR2025 button cell. How cool is that? None of the smart watches that we came across has this trait and this alone can get Activite some extra brownie points. It provides an automatic time zone converter, so if you are a business person you don’t need to change your timings every now and then, the watch does that for you.

This neat looking device comes at a price of $450, which is worth it because if we compare the specifications with other smart watches it is more than most of the smart watches but again the features cannot be missed. If you want a smart watch, then Withings Activite is what should be the first electronic item on your shopping list this christmas.

The Pusle tracker is another product by Withings. It is one of the most versatile trackers we’ve seen so far. You can wear it three different ways. You can wear it on your wrists just like a normal tracker or can attach it to your belt or just simply put it in your bag if showing off is not your thing. At night, the tracker can be used to track your sleep just like the watch from Withings.

You can get personal coaching on weight loss, weight gain, abs training and more based on your weight, body type and your vital statistics. You can indulge in various activities and the Pulse tracker makes it easy for us to workout and provide enough motivation in the form of badges on completion of various milestones.

The Pulse tracker is available on iOS 7 and higher and Android 4.0 and higher. It has a battery life of upto two weeks which is very good, if we compare with other activity trackers. It provides bluetooth connectivity and can be easily charged with the help of a USB charger. It will thus be interesting to see how the smart watch and the tracker fares, as compared to other wearables available in the market at the moment.