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The LED Light Bulb Speaker – Sony’s Bright Idea and Innovation!

LED Light Bulb Speaker

Lights and music form a time-tested combination and Sony has managed to combine both in one single product. With the launch of LED Light Bulb Speaker in Japan, here is a Bluetooth speaker that can be screwed into a light fitting and can provide your living space with sight and sound simultaneously.

Control the 360-lumen bulb with a mobile app and you can even have fine control of volume and brightness with a remote that can be paired through the NFC. It’s compact, attractive design is a treat for the eyes and this bulb can play music in places where it is not possible to assemble standard audio equipment.

Aiming to take audio to every place, both prime cities as well as remote locations, Sony has taken everyone by sheer surprise with its LED Light Bulb Speaker. Without the hassles of major home renovations and ugly wiring, the LED Light Bulb Speaker can get your music into your walls. Now, you get to enjoy music delivered from the ceiling right above your bathroom shower to a placement above your dinner table, or bed, or couch or even the kitchen.


  1. Clear music: Although Sony isn’t promising high-end music solutions, it does promise clear pleasant sound.
  2. Easy control: The 360-lumen bulb’s brightness and its speaker’s volume can be easily toyed around with and controlled by a SongPal smartphone app (on both iOS and Android). Furthermore, for cloud-based interactions, the bulb possesses a remote dedicated to pairing over Near Field Communication (NFC).
  3. Seamless installation: In places where audio equipment installation may be difficult, this bulb comes as a relief. It is screwed into the bulb socket fitting like any other bulb and proceeds to transform your surroundings to a specific mood.

Let there be Light and Music!

The ‘Symphonic Light Speaker’ is exactly what it sounds like – a WiFi-connected led light bulb speaker. A part of Sony’s ambition in coming up with this bright idea was to change your entire home (and not just your drawing room) into a musical space. This light bulb allows users to stream audio from their smartphones and tablets to a large variety of speaker-equipped light fixtures. Thanks to Sony’s “proprietary vertical drive technology,” the light bulb glass itself serves as the tweeter, and hence there are no exposed speaker elements, giving it a very sleek look.

From playing music from the ceiling from the bathroom shower to placing the bulb for a romantic evening over the dinner table, Sony’s new bulb can be fitted anywhere. The ambience created by this symphonic bulb is extraordinary in terms of lighting and music and can relax you in bed, couch and kitchen, which means anywhere in your home.

The LED Light Bulb Speaker Pricing!

The light plus sound single product of Sony’s was first unveiled at the IFA Berlin last September. Maybe it’s not the first of its kind, but it definitely sports a more elegant design and is costlier than its competition.  It was out in Japan on May 23rd, and Sony’s online store lists it for ¥23,880, or about $199 (which includes Bluetooth bulbs from TPCromeer ($24), Propel ($34) and Sengled ($54 for one and $144 for a set of two).

Whimsical musical notes are expected to be sold separately too.