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The iPhone Case KYLP by Manfrotto that Enhances your Photos and Videos

iPhone Case KYLP

iPhone is popular among smartphones for shooting photos and video since its camera is one of the best in the market and iPhone 5S and 6 have been particularly good with their end results.

But for every good photo, one needs light, plenty of it. Since light makes a lot of difference to the end result, Manfrotto has now developed the Klyp, an iPhone case which allows a bolt of light to light up whatever is being shot. The Klyp is surely one case that most phone-wielding photographers would love to buy!

Klyp it Light and Steady!

The Klyp system comprises of three parts wherein the slimline iPhone case is included in the entry price. A top light that attaches to the case called as ML240, can be bought along with a mini tripod Pixi that is great for steady cam shooting. With two versions of iPhones Cases, there are two switchable slots for light attachment and the tripod. The Pixi pocket tripod costs about £25 and is a strong and durable gadget that can be extended till 18.5cms. It weighs only 190g but can support a kg weight including the compacts and a small DSLR.

The well-built iPhone case comes in black and is not bulky like other cases. The attachments are easy to take off when you do not need them too.

Light Performance

The light that fits the Klyp is ML240 and costs about £60 with 24 LED bulbs, controlled via a dimmer knob at the side. The dial gives control over the light through the screen. The lights emit continuous light at 5600K and luminance of 220 LUX which is perfect for close-ups. So this is pretty serviceable for quick video shoots.

You can also use the light attachment with your DSLR through the hotshoe, and can light up to 3200K for shooting in low-light conditions.

KlypApp – the Cool App

Manfrotto has created an app for the Klyp case which includes some fun features like the ability to take a picture with a clap thus getting the pictures steadily without physical intervention. KlypApp and KlypApp Plus are two apps in the App Store wherein the latter is the premium option costing 69 cents.

The apps are easy to use and can help users to create time-lapse videos, stop-motion videos, as well as utilize the lens perfectly with standard options. It also helps to render the final video after the editing is done.

Difference from other iPhone cases

With several iPhone cases out there, even some cases that work like physical keyboard or USB storage, and even cases that save your iPhone from water. But the Klyp is designed to help you take better photos and videos, even add lighting and hold the phone very steady.

The iPhone case is made of rigid polycarbonate and soft-touch coating wherein the additional attachments to the case are snap-on light adaptor and a snap-on tripod.

Package & Price

Manfrotto is offering the Klyp iPhone case with five different kits that also include a case and two adaptor clips option along with a brilliant combination of Manfrotto LED lights reserved for videography, and for efficient photography in low-light situations.

The Klyp iPhone case kits are priced starting from £24.95 (US$40.50) and will increase depending on the number of attachments you wish to invest in.