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TempLogger – Four Channel Compact Temperature Data Logger


All of us are environmentally conscious these days, and this makes us often wonder about the temperature of things and living environment at random. But so-called smartphones and smart handheld devices fail to tell you the right room temperature, let alone the body temperature of all other things. As a permanent solution to this finally we got TempLogger which is nothing but a digital measuring device. It is designed to measure the temperature of various things including gases, liquids, solid state bodies and various surfaces.

The new TempLogger comes in two colours, respectively black and white. It comes loaded with four different sealed measuring sensors to register the temperature of the things and environment with precision-driven accuracy. All the measurement data are offered in real time mode, and this is why it doesn’t need any onboard display. It is through and through intuitively designed with easy to use functionalities.

The inspiration behind the TempLogger

According to the makers of the TempLogger, this temperature measuring digital device has been the result of some serious contemplation about the increasingly heated temperature of our living environment. Temperature is alone responsible for drought and drying up of rivers and streams. The increasing temperature of our environment is making a living on the planet earth tougher with every passing day. With TempLogger at your side, you can easily measure the temperature of all things in your surroundings and can take proactive measures accordingly. Apart from its well-received role to evaluate the environmental effects in relation to temperature, it can also be used effectively in many days to life use cases.

Classic solid colours

Instead of being designed in fashionable colours TempLogger comes in two distinct solid colours, respectively black and white. Obviously black and white are elementary and timeless colours that give any object simplicity without really missing the elegance.

Four sealed sensors

TempLogger comes loaded with 4 different measuring sensors all of which remain sealed within the device. Thanks to these four sensors the device is equipped to measure temperature continuously and without leaving any scope of faults. Being sealed and inaccessible for the users the sensors keep delivering measuring outputs continuously with every little fluctuation measured.

Real-time measurement

The best thing about the TempLogger is its ability to measure temperature in real time. Though the real-time measurement helps you getting results without slightest lag time or delay it also allows obtaining the measurement data for further analysis. With the real-time measurement sent to the user’s PC, the device can do away with the onboard display.

Effortless and easy installation

The installation of the device and the syncing of it with a computer to access real-time temperature data is exceptionally easy and effortless. The connected computer interface also delivers extreme ease of use and easily connected functionality to access data from the device whenever you need it. The device works with all major versions of the Microsoft Windows.

Compact and low-footprint design

Finally, what remains to praise about this sophisticated device is its cute, compact and low footprint design that can literally be hidden within a palm. Thanks to such compact form factor and easy to handle shape the TempLogger can easily be slipped into a pocket or can be carried along anywhere you wish.

Price and shipping

When it comes to the price TempLogger looks far from expensive. The product which has already received an overwhelming response in the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo is likely to be shipped from June this year. While a single TempLogger will bear a market price of $99, at present through a preorder placed through Indiegogo, you can avail it for $79 saving around 20% on the retail price. For two pieces of the TempLogfer, you can avail a bigger 30% discount and avail it for $134 against a market price of $198. Each pre-ordered booking is promised to be delivered with a bag, a flash drive with a program and a stylish keychain.

Final verdict

TempLogger is probably a choice of its own kind in the smart measuring device market. Obviously, all may not be motivated to buy a measuring device like this, but the rich value proposition and offerings are lucrative enough for people who always look for a handy way to evaluate temperatures of things and the surrounding environment.