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Temi: Not a ‘Robot’, But A Tablet On Wheels

temi robot.jpeg

When we think of a robot or imagine one, we create a picture from some science fiction film like machines that have a face and a personality that is identical to us humans. But anything robotic doesn’t always have to look like that. It’s just an image that we create in our heads. The CEO of Roboteam faced a same problem. He didn’t want people to imagine a robot in this cliche manner. But he didn’t want this new product from Roboteam to be called a ‘robot.’ Temi, the rolling robot looks more like a tablet on wheels.

Android-Based Software.

Temi is like a moveable version of Amazon’s Echo Show. It uses facial recognition to identify and track you. It plugs into Google’s artificial intelligence tools to mimic Google Assistant’s functionality. Temi was designed to be a video chat and music machine. Temi uses voice recognition to make sure it rings the right number. It also uses facial recognition to keep your face in frame. There is also a microphone array to make sure you are heard. Right now, Temi mostly works like one of those telepresence robots. But Roboteam is planning make Temi’s Android-based software open for developers to make changes in the long-term. This will allow developers to build all sorts of crazy things into the machine.

Robot-like Design.

Temi stands 3 feet tall and rolls on four small wheels. It has a 10-inch tablet for a head. It’s thin, curved body sits on top of a base that looks like an industrial vacuum. It can roll around for eight hours on battery power. It connects over Wi-Fi, LTE, and Bluetooth. It doesn’t have eyes or look human, like other robots. Temi looks more like a portable massage station, or one of those rolling standing desks.


Roboteam specializes in designing robots for the military. But It is their newest project is a roving e-tablet for homes and offices. Temi works as your personal assistant. It is the ultimate AI assistant that comes when called. It easily recognizes you and provides you with what you need. It helps you video chat naturally, as you freely roam around your home with your heads and your hands free. Temi also works as a high quality sound system that plays your music, your way, whenever you want.

Control Your Smarthome Devices.

It can work as your home hub. Using Temi, you can control your smart home devices with just the power of your voice. With Temi, you will never miss a thing. Connect It to your smartphone to be with your family or friends back home. It is also your personal photographer. It can capture photos and videos of the people and moments in your life and share them with whoever you want.


It is also looks after your entertainment. Using Temi, you can access interactive videos and games that move with you. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest news and sports from your favourite online sites. Temi also helps you learn in interactive and fun ways. It teaches you about new languages, math, and much more.

Your Personal Caddy.

It is works as your personal caddy. The Smart Tray can charge your smartphone or carry items for you. The app store is an open-Android platform that offers apps, games and much more. You can use Temi to connect to a doctor or health expert 24/7 from your home.

Releasing Next Year.

The idea behind Temi is to make things like watching TV, Skyping family members, playing music or asking your Google Assistant questions and more. There are something that you can do in more places and with more freedom from holding your tablet or smartphone. Roboteam says that the robot will probably be ready by the end of 2018. It will cost you less than $1,500. It plans on first letting 1,000 people see how the product fares through a beta phase. It will then expand over this fall in the US.