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SWYP Card : It’s now Time to ditch multiple credit cards


How many of you have multiple debit cards/credit cards/VISA cards or whatever it is called in your part of the world? The answer to this question would be almost every adult individual who is independent and has a steady source of income uses these cards or is bound by these cards, in other words.

Keeping track of these cards and even handling these cards sometimes becomes messy and just imagine losing any of your cards and being unaware about that for a long time, a chill ran down your spine by just the mention of that. But, a single card which is like a subset of all other cards can solve this problem and seems like the card has arrived and who are we to question its integrity. The masterpiece in question here is the SWYP Card and it has arrived in style.

What is SWYP Card?

SWYP, an ultra thin metal card which is a substitute or combining more than twenty five cards like credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, movie cards, gift cards and it makes it easy for the users to pay by using just a single card and organise your wallet, looks stylish too. It seems that you were just waiting for something like SWYP and it just arrived at the right time too, as nowadays people do not prefer keeping more than the required cash in their wallet as paying by a card is more convenient and it is safe too, not to keep too much cash on hand.

What the SWYP Card can accomplish?

SWYP Card is built with the help of sophisticated made-for-perfection kind of algorithms and accompanying it is a dynamic magnetic stripe. Magnetic stripe usually contains key information regarding credit card details of the user, personal information like social security number, phone number etc. But here the magnetic stripe captures your buying patterns, your behaviours, needs and surroundings and give you a notification about what your next purchase should be. Technology at its best, you don’t need humans to remind you that you last bought a shirt nine months back and now certainly need to buy a new one. SWYP Card knows what you want, when you want and how to make smart payments without any hassle.

Availability of SWYP Card?

Don’t just fall of your seats when I mention that the SWYP Card is available at a meagre price of $49 and the estimated delivery date is somewhere around Fall 2015. It would be a shame if I do not get my hands on this beauty soon because it is a really convenient piece of technology and so affordable that everyone can have one and get rid of their multiple cards all at once. The SWYP Card is developed by Qvivr, an experienced team of hardware development, big data and manufacturing specialists.

The Qvivr team is designing the SWYP Card since a year and boy they have designed a beauty, we are more intrigued with the vision behind this beautifully crafted card. We will definitely sharing our hands on experience with the SWYP Card as and when it will be available, if you too want to share some information about the SWYP Card, do not hesitate to mention it in the comments section below.