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The Sunrise Pillow Monitors Your Sleep Cycle And Promises a Better Night’s Sleep

Sunrise Pillow Rise Naturally

The Sunrise Pillow is here to revolutionize your mornings and your nights. It’s simple to use, ultra-comfortable and wakes you naturally. The Sunrise Pillow uses Deep Sleep technology for nights & Sunrise Alarm to start your day. You can effortlessly improve your body’s sleep & wake hormones. The Sunrise Smart Pillow tracks your sleep. It wakes you up with light at the right time. It can also stream your favorite music and reinvent the alarm clock.

Highest Grade Materials For Comfort.

They have used only the highest grade materials for the Sunrise Pillow. The premium aerated memory foam contains the intelligent components. These components are invisible. The pillowcase is made with ultra-breathable diamond-quilt fabric. This is to maximize comfort, cooling, and airflow. When creating the sunrise pillow, comfort and materials were the priority. The pillow shapes are smart. Also, they have the same integrated technology.

Remote Control.

A storage pocket holds the wired remote control. It is an alternative way to control your Sunrise Pillow. You can either control everything from your iOS or Android device or use the remote control. Using the remote, you can adjust volume, reading lights, and even snooze. You can charge your pillow via Micro USB charging port located on the remote control.

  • Gyroscope & Accelerometer can help detect movement. They do this with precision
  • There are RGB LEDs on the pillow. These lights imitate the natural sunrise and wake you vibrantly.
  • Microphone in your Sunrise Pillow is ultra sensitive. It analyzes your breathing patterns. It can detect snoring and noise disturbances through the night.
  • Bluetooth LE can be used to easily change settings.
  • Waterproof internal components are housed in a durable waterproof enclosure.

Imitating Natural Sunrise.

A full sunrise is simulated by the pillow in the morning. The light gradually increases. When the light falls on your sleeping eyelids, it tells your body to stop producing Melatonin. It will begin producing the energy hormone. The natural wake-up process is imitated here. This way you can minimize fatigue and grogginess every day.

Knows When To Wake You Up.

The Sunrise Pillow detects your sleep cycle. It knows the exact time to begin the wake-up process. It is when you are sleeping lightly. The sunrise will start at the optimal time. Or it will start 15 minutes before your set alarm time. This is to ensure you wake up feeling fully rested, every day.

Sleep Score.

Take control of your days by improving the quality of your nights. Your sleep score gives you a better understanding of your sleep. On the app, you can view your sleep trends & history. This will show you how exercise, late nights, and even alcohol consumption can affect your score.

Blue Light.

You can be woken up with a smart alarm and sunrise simulation from the Sunrise Pillow. But it can also put you to sleep with 6-deep sleep options that are sure to put you to sleep faster.
Exposure for 15-30 minutes of blue light can improve productivity. It can also increase alertness. Also, it boosts your ability to sleep at night. Blue light suppresses melatonin. It shifts your circadian rhythm twice as much as regular indoor lighting. This can benefit you greatly when you want to focus and get something done.

Pre-order Now.

The way we’ve been waking up is unnatural. It is even harmful and needs to change. Waking from a deep sleep not only wreck your energy & mood. But more importantly, it will wreck your daily momentum. When you start the day off groggy you are more likely to make poor choices. It can then turn into a chain reaction that negatively affects your day, week, and year.

The Sunrise Pillow is available for pre-order for $99. It has an estimated delivery date of August 2017.