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Spring Forward : A Week to go for Apple’s Special Event

Spring Forward : A Week to go for Apple's Special Event

The last time Tim Cook took over the centre stage at Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the announcement of Apple Watch and ApplePay, the event was historical for Apple and it managed to break all previous records, just like it happens with every consecutive Apple event and they manage to cater to wider audience with every passing event and it is just beyond thoughts that how a company can hold so much together and what is the driving force behind the successful events. One such event is Apple’s special event to be held on March 9, 2015 and it’s now less than a week to go for the event, let’s look into what must be on Apple’s plate this time.

Apple Watch

The biggest expectation with this special event is about the Apple Watch which the company announced during the iPhone 6 launch event in September. This is Apple’s entry into wearables and said to be Apple’s most ambitious project until now. Microsoft recently launched HoloLens and Google launched GoogleGlass, but Apple Watch would be the first and the most anticipated wearable device to watch out for.

The Apple Watch is available in six different versions, including ones you can customise according to your liking and you can change the wristbands according to your liking. For example choose a sporty wristband while gymming and you can change the wristband to a more stylish one while you go out for a party.

Technologists believe that Apple Watch will smoothly render with iOS and there will be no glitches from the word go, unlike it happens with other wearable devices available in the market and the simple reason for this is that they both come from a single family- Apple. Using apps like Google Maps on your watch is much better than taking your cellphone out of your pocket.

A 12 inch Macbook Air?

The Apple Watch has been officially announced by the company but not much is known about the company’s upcoming laptop. There are rumours doing the rounds that Apple Inc. might unveil the first ever Macbook Air with retina-caliber display. This sounds interesting. What this does is that, instead of 1440 X 900 currently utilising on 13 inch, it can afford to lose an inch and at the same time gain twice in the number of pixels. This won’t be of much help to Macbook Air’s battery life though.

The new Macbook Air might even get an image makeover too, as compared to the current Macbook Airs that are available. Some leaked images show that Apple’s glowing logo might not be there on the top of the Macbook. This might even be the end of Apple’s trademark glowing logo on the Apple devices. This might be hard to digest for the Apple fanboys, but again Apple will have an explanation for this too, if at all they decide to chuck it.

Many more details about the special event has been kept under wraps, these were the most apt rumours from our end. We would like to know what you guys think about Apple’s Spring event on March 9 which you can mention it in the comments section below.