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SonaBuds: Smallest Stereo Earbuds at An Affordable Price


US-based Dashbon has created a new set of wireless earbud headphones. They call it SonaBuds. It is the smallest and most affordable wireless earbuds with HD audio and a built-in mic for taking phone calls. They deliver up to three hours of listening time on one charge. And the companion charging pod provides additional charges for up to 12 hours of play time.

About Dashbon.

Dashbon produces intuitive technology to enhance everyday experiences. Some of its other products include Mask, which is a mobile movie screen that is worn like glasses, and Magic Screen, which is a mobile 80” projection screen that requires no assembly. They focus on creating products that not only function smoothly but appeal to needs that consumers often do not even know they have.

Comfortable Design & Autoconnect.

Secure & Comfortable Fit: It eartips come in various sizes to fit your ears. So these earbuds will stay in place and fit in your lifestyles.
Auto Connect: SonaBuds are automatically on and connected to your phones when you pull them out of the charging pod. SonaBuds are turned on automatically when pulled out of the charging pod. Similarly, SonaBuds are turned off automatically when you put the earbuds back to the charging pod.

4 Earbuds.

You can easily enjoy non-stop music when you carry 4 earbuds with you. This way, you will always have a pair of fully charged SonaBuds with you. This helps you in situations when you don’t have enough time to wait for the earbuds to charge.

Battery Life.

You can easily check the battery remaining on the SonaBuds. Just swipe down from the top of your iPhone screen. SonaBuds battery level will be displayed in the Notification Center. It tells you the current status of your earbuds with clear voice notifications like Power On, Battery Low, Connected, Disconnected etc. Each earbud can work independently and connect to two different phones as a regular Bluetooth headset.

Other Features.

  • Taking Calls: It has built-in microphone to pick up your voice in crystal-clear clarity.
  • Magnetic Connection: The magnets on the SonaBuds magnetically align SonaBuds with the charging pod for a perfect fit. The magnets inside the charging pod help Sonabuds stay in place.
  • HD Sound: It provides amazing music and movie audio with high quality AAC encoding.

Automatic On & Off.

It aims to be an intuitive gadget that enhances the use of mobile devices. This is achieved through various features, such as the automatic on and off. When removed from the charging pod the earbuds will automatically turn on, and automatically turn off when returned to the charging pod. The earbuds automatically connect to paired mobile devices when turned on. This will save plenty of time for you. You don’t need to worry about powering the earbuds up and pairing them to a mobile device with each use.

Multipoint Technology.

SonaBuds utilizes multipoint technology. It helps to connect to two devices at the same time. There is no confusion about which device is receiving a call. This is because the earbuds automatically stream it from the correct device when the call is answered. It offers a seamless user experience by providing clear voice notifications if the earbuds are low on battery or disconnected from a device.

High Quality Product Under $50.

The idea was first conceptualized in October of 2015. The first prototype was completed in February, 2016. SonaBuds is a high quality product. It is available for under $50 on Indiegogo. SonaBuds by Dashbon is an intelligently designed product that delivers incredible quality for its low price. You do not have to worry about sacrificing performance for comfort. It has got an impressive battery life and convenient charging pod. This means that all the features of the SonaBuds can be experienced for extended periods of time.