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Philips SHOQBOX – Rock that outdoor adventure!


That rugged road trip you want to make and you need something as tough for your music too, then the Philips Shoqbox SB7200 series makes that fearlessly possible. This portable Bluetooth speaker allows you to tough it out loud and proud with its big, deep and yet clear sound on your days of adventures. Its weapon of choice is the gesture control and with a small motion, it makes navigating songs, answering calls and stopping and starting music playback seamless and convenient. Together with that, the Shoqbox’s splash-resistant exterior and vertical or horizontal orientation, makes a powerful pitch for the coolest entry-level portable on the block.

The Shoqbox is small and stout unit with a thick netting of rubberized armour in a bright white shade which is layered over a frame of metal meshwork. The speaker ships with a mini-USB to USB cable with a DC adapter as well as an instruction pamphlet in multiple languages. Removing it from its package will reveal to you a vaguely reminiscent of a column or a skyscraper from Star Wars. The Philips Shoqbox SB7200 which boasts some fun features, has a decent internal memory and is sturdy is priced at £140 and seems to be justified only if its rugged styling is an absolute must.

Shoqbox – Distinct Identity; Distinct Features

The Shoqbox’s distinctive features and design set it apart from most of the rectangular clones we’ve seen in the segment. And in a market which is saturated with monotonous designs with mundane features, different is good.

Powered by 2 neodymium drivers

Considering a device as small as the Shoqbox, the sound is great and you couldn’t quite expect more. It is built with 2 neodymium speaker drivers and wOOx system allowing for a big sound, shocking clarity and deep bass which helps you enjoy the best sound performance anywhere.

Drop it, splash on it and keep on using it

Prefect for outdoor adventurists, the Philips SHOQBOX is made to withstand splash (not entirely waterproof) and drop. Thanks to the protective design (comes with a rubber casing made from a specialized tough material that can withstand drops and rough usage), you now don’t have to worry at all about rain and spills. You can simply drop it in your back pack and move out for that extra dose of ruggedness which you’ve hungered for since long.

Easy swipe sensor to navigate through music

Equipped with a motion senor, you can now simply swipe over the Shoqbox sensor from left to right or right to left, to skip to the next or last track. What’s more, all you need to do is put your hand over the sensor for a second and you can set the music to a pause. Do it again and you put it back right on. The gesture control is so easy that it keeps you engaged on your adventure and not on the gadget at all.

Built-in mic for speaker phone

With its built-in microphone, the Shoqbox also works as a speaker phone. When a call comes in, the music goes into a pause mode and you can talk via the speaker. Call for a business meeting or your friend from a party, whoever it is from, it works just great keeping you connected all the time.

Voice prompt for feedback

Whether the speaker is connected properly to your device, or the battery level alert, the Shoqbox voice prompt is there to keep you informed.  It is available in different languages and makes your outdoor experience a worry-free one.

Pair 2 shoqboxes into L-R speakers

The Shoqbox is also perfect for a party or gathering. You can now enjoy big stereo sound from music, movies and games by simply pairing 2 SHOQBOX speakers with the smart sensor for a stereo system of Left and Right channels. Place the two speakers side by side and swipe your hands over both sensors from outside.