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ShiftWear – The Most Adaptable Shoes You Will Own, Ever!

ShiftWear Shoes

Now let me ask you a question about shoes. How much do you spend in maintaining the freshness of your sneakers. I presume some of you might even own a sneaker that matches your tees, or jeans or even accessories. One would obviously reach for the nearest sneaker store to get the perfect pair to match with your tastes. Looking good involves costs, so you are okay to put some money into the pockets of those sneaker manufacturers who will surely dictate your next purchase.

Introducing ShiftWear, the badass shoes that will actually stop the trend. Read more to know more.

ShiftWear Classics – Badass, Bold and Brilliant!

ShiftWear Classics are one of the trendiest sneakers that you will ever find with some custom designs that are surprisingly downloaded from the phone or tablet in seconds! These pair of shoes will include the funkiest designs, made by you to be worn by you, yourself! We know that shoes should ideally be shoes that matches its benefits with elements. These sneakers are waterproof and can be machine-washed too. The soles are fitted with Kevlar Fibers, for long-lasting durability and performance. What’s more, the electronics within the shoes can be charged wirelessly with every step taken. So now you do not have to charge them separately!

Complete Customization with a Terrific Idea!

ShiftWear shoes are one of a kind. They are available in three mediums – high, medium and low tops. Use the ShiftWear app to display images of the varied display areas of your sneakers in person. The shoes can change different static designs and images and also render animations on the shoes themselves. With static design, no power is lost and the design will remain the same too.

The Shoe Knows it All!

  • It is a traditional-looking sneaker with two-tone design, white sole and laces.
  • Launched with three styles: low, medium and high-tops.
  • Built-in display shows off custom animation.
  • The supportive smartphone app offers complete control over design.
  • HD-quality images can be uploaded.
  • Static design will consume no energy while animations will consume some power supply.
  • “Walk-N-Charge” system helps charge the shoes with every step.
  • Wireless charging option available when shoes not in use.
  • 100% waterproof and machine washable.

Supported by a Strong Upcoming Design Community

The app for the sneakers can help you program new patterns and designs on your shoes and will also connect with the best designs across the world, right in the app. Now you have the independence to decide on your shoe’s colour schemes. ShiftWear lets people design their own pair and even sell the design on the marketplace.

The Founders of the Innovative Custom ShiftWear

The founders are a strong team of entrepreneurs and engineers who are determined to push ahead on their ideas and have made these sneakers a reality. They are quite innovative in their approach and known to be annoying perfectionists who are sticklers in quality. Customizing your shoes can now become a good pastime and it is bound to be a revolution in footwear. There are not many shoes with something related to smartphone connectivity. These shoes take the concept of connectivity even further than tracking heartbeats and running data through apps.

The Concept of Custom Sneakers

The makers were determined to make sneakers that can be seen everywhere and hence pitched an Indiegogo campaign that helped move ShiftWear into mass production. ShiftWear has received over $750,000 in pledges from nearly 2,600 backers. A pledge of $250 will help the donor to receive a pair of shoes by next fall.

With the backers sending in a huge amount of money, they have helped make animated, interactive shoes a reality.