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Share Your Block List with Another Twitter User and Get Rid of Trolls

Twitter Block List

Get rid of Trolls! Share Block List

Twitter recently announced that it will let you share your block list for getting rid of trolls immediately. Those users who have experienced high incidence of trolling on their twitter page along with high volumes of unwanted interactions now have the advantage of sharing lists of trolls thus mass-blocking them all!

Now that is a feature most Twitter users would love. Now any user can fight against the haters with this new way of blocking several accounts at once. This will make it easier for many users to find and block all sorts of wasteful interactions in a trice.

Solution to Online Abuse

With the problem online abuse and cyber bullying reaching bigger heights than ever, Twitter has always been criticized to be the major source of criticism. The new feature of block list is aimed to combat the problem and has reinforced its security features better than before. What this development entails is the ability to share lists of blocked users to one’s friends and followers thus helping them too, to block them. This process makes a ton of sense wherein instead of encountering a troll and dealing with his or her digital disses, people can avoid known trolls and abusers. Users import each other’s lists of undesirable accounts and block them before the flaming can even begin.

Massive Changes in Twitter

Before enabling this sharing of block lists however, Twitter made massive amendments of its report tool. It will now be easier for users to report online harassment to law enforcement agencies. Additionally, Twitter also issued a reminder explaining it’s already featuring Block and Mute features. The Mute button shuts up accounts which are not too annoying and the Block feature blocks out obnoxious users which is a bit more potent. If blocking wasn’t enough to bring peace of mind to a user, there is always Twitter’s native report tool. While many users find these tools useful, some users who experience high volumes of unwanted reactions need more sophisticated tools. This is where the new feature comes in.

The block lists can be shared with people in your community facing similar issues. The user is able to import another user’s list into his or her own account and block multiple accounts at the same time, instead of blocking them individually. Moreover, Twitter users will be able to manage their list of imported blocked accounts separately from their own full list of blocked accounts. There are easy to follow directions that will teach users how to use this new feature.

Twitter Rules for Warding Trolls

Since the social network platform of Twitter has suffered long because of its inability to solve the trolling issue, they have lost core user after core user every single day. It is hoped that with these advanced share block list tools, Twitter has made a difference in improving the user’s experience.

Last December, Twitter launched the blocked accounts settings page. This tightened the rules so that unwanted accounts could not view your profile. In April, additional policy and enforcement changes were announced and now this feature (share block list) is yet another step towards making Twitter a safer place for everyone.