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Save Fuel Costs and Enjoy a Green Ride on the Stylish ME Electric Scooter

ME Scooter

With fuel consumption at an all-time high, the use of alternative sources of energy has opened up new avenues in the automobile sector. With many companies going green, Me Group is working on a modern electric scooter called ME Scooter. Established in 2013, Me Group is an Italy-based company that aspires to revolutionize the electric scooter space.

Innovative and Electric ME Scooter

ME Scooter incorporates several modern concepts, that provide the scooter an aesthetic look while at the same time ensuring good usability. Using electrical power to move around, ME Scooter is a green solution in the highly polluted world.

  • It works on a 1.5Kw electric motor which is capable of offering a speed range of 80 Km.
  • ME Scooter goes from zero to a top speed of 45kmph in just 6 seconds.
  • It uses Li-ion Samsung batteries, which when charged fully gives a battery life of 5 hours.
  • The batteries connect to a 220-volt socket that can be directly hooked up to the ME scooter.
  • Users can also remove the batteries and carry them home to charge.

View Real-Time Fuel Consumption

The ME Scooter is equipped with a smart box that collects the charging statistics of the battery and displays them as a scrolling bar to the rider. As soon as the emergency power reserve threshold is about to be reached, the smart box display beings to flash and the ME Scooter goes into a recovery mode. Moreover, since the smart box has the capability to gather real-time power consumption, it helps the rider configure the best riding style in order to boost the power reserve and drive more efficiently.

Crafted for Everyone

It is fully customizable, giving users to personalize the vehicle as per their needs and requirements. While the start edition of ME Scooter is available in black and white. Users can choose from a range of replaceable colors (around 10) which they can use in the future. Although ME Scooter makes a great vehicle for transport in the city with limited traffic, it is also perfect for people who do not want to spend money on fuel, for modern and efficient corporate fleets, for ethical local authorities and more – It does not pollute, is noise-less and is a great to move around.

Made Using Light Weight SMC

The most important innovation of the ME Scooter is the use of an alternative material like SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) to build the frame. SMC is thermosetting material made from glass, fibers, mineral fillers, pigments and unsaturated pollster resins. Once cured, the end product is perfectly homogeneous and stable, making it extremely lightweight and durable. SMC ensures users can get most of the engine and ensure performance, by additionally reducing the weight of the scooter. SMC makes the ME Scooter durable, corrosion resistant and offers amazing mechanical and thermal properties.

Looking for Funding

With worldwide sales of electric vehicles sky rocketing, there is immense competition in the electric automobile industry. The industry is offering new opportunities and the makers of ME Scooter intend to make the most from them. While the ME Scooter is entirely designed, produced and assembled in Italy. The company is on the lookout for more funding that will help fuel the production.

Enjoy a Fun Ride

The Italian make and the use of light weight SMC makes the ME Scooter fun to drive around and enjoy. The top speed of 45km/h is ideal for frequent trips inside the city. With super functions and an aesthetic design, it is the perfect mix of innovation and engineering.