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Samsung’s ATIV Curved PC is the new black in Technology

Samsung was the first company to venture into curved screen TVs and probably the most successful company to do so, others have tried and failed too. Samsung now comes with a curved screen PC which is an all-in-one desktop. Now, for many of you who are not aware about the concept of a curved screen, let me tell you that the curved screen helps to keep the distance between the eyeballs and the screen constant, so that your eyes will not take much strain. Thats the reason the title says ‘Samsung’s ATIV Curved PC is the new black in Technology.’

The name of Samsung’s latest offering is ATIV One 7 curved PC. It is said that the idea of ATIV One 7 Curved PC wold have come from Samsung’s curved TVs or we should better say the success of curved TVs. Samsung started offering chromebooks and laptops a long time ago and this 27 inch ATIV One 7 Curved would be their first desktop PC.

The ATIV One 7 Curved PC looks more or less like a 27 inch curved TV with all the regular PC components set behind the monitor. Just like Samsung’s smart curved TVs, the curved screen PCs are set to provide an intuitive gaming and entertainment experience than the monitors we have been using since the advent of desktop PCs.

Sources from Samsung believe that this PC’s unique shape will be a surprise for potential buyers, something they did not expect to be announced so early. They have also said that once you start spending time with the curved monitor, you will get used to it and will ultimately love it. Curved is the new flat screen monitor. It will be stylish and add a uniqueness to the style of professionals who are always on the lookout for latest gadgets, leading companies have on offer.

The ATIV One 7 Curved PC comes with a long list of features and advantages. The best advantage is that you can use it as a TV too. You can attach your Xbox or PS4s via HDMI port provided in the rear section of the curved monitor. Samsung insiders have informed that February is the month when you would actually start seeing this PC in the market while some even say that it won’t be available until winter. It is strategically priced at $1,299 but Samsung has not announced the official date and countries where they will start shipping this desktop PC.

The all-in-one desktop PC is the perfect example of Samsung’s engineering genius, but the desktop has some serious flaws. It comes devoid of a touch-screen which is a common sight in PC’s from Dell, Asus, Lenovo, HP and other companies. Samsung R&D team are yet working on touch for curved screens.

Making this all-in-one PC was quite a challenge for the team at Samsung because the other parts in all-in-one’s are behind the PC and for curved PC to have the motherboard at the rear end was a tough thing to do for Samsung team. They had to work with TV team to get proper support and guidance about how to work on curved screens.

The specs include the latest core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 1 TB of hard-disk. It comes with USB 3.0 and HDMI ports too, though it does not provide a DisplayPort which is used by most businesses. The ATIV One 7 Curved PC was announced well ahead of the CES, where Samsung is looking to launch ATIV laptops too.

The new ATIV laptops from Samsung will link wirelessly with Samsung’s Galaxy mobiles to receive and make calls and file sharing purposes. These laptops are going to be shipped in march 2015. Let us see if Samsung scores big with their curved PCs, just like it did score well with their curved TVs.