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Samsung Safety Truck – Avoid Collisions with the See-through View

Samsung Safety Truck

Apple and Google are currently working on self-driving vehicles, but Samsung focused its energies on semi-trailers, with the launch of Samsung Safety Truck, which includes a custom big rig equipped with efficient cameras and four TV monitors. These monitors allow drivers who are following the truck to see through the 18-wheeler to know about the road ahead of the vehicle.

The Samsung Safety Truck is meant to make driving behind an 18-wheeler better and less dangerous. A wireless camera is fixed on the front end of a semi-trailer and there are monitors on its back end, that show drivers cruising behind the Safety Truck about the road that lays ahead.

This facility allows drivers to get a better view of the road so that they can overtake when it seems open. This will certainly reduce the risk of accidents which are caused due to sudden breaking on finding animals crossing the road.

The frustration of being stuck behind is now over!

It is frustrating to drivers who are driving their vehicles behind long trucks and trailers and some drivers make wrong decisions of overtaking especially when they do not have a clear view of the road that lies ahead. Speeding vehicles often bump into a vehicle crossing through or get swivelling through curves especially through the blind spots.

The Korean technology firm is making important inroads in getting its smart trucks on the road to prevent driving risks with video screens to the back.

The Idea behind the Innovation

Samsung has the idea of having huge video displays on the back of trucks and they would not be used for entertainment-based initiatives, not this time.

Samsung’s idea focuses on enhancing road safety, especially in two-lane roads where drivers often get lost in a blind spot trying to overtake 18-foot trailers and trucks. The wireless camera will relay the road at the front of the truck in live-view imagery to a giant four-screen display fitted on the back.

The trailing driver can clearly see what’s coming from the opposite end to understand with much clarity if it is prudent enough to overtake or hang back.

The Testing of the Samsung Safety Truck

The Samsung Safety Truck was tested in Argentina recently, since the country features a high number of two-lane roads which are frequented by semi-trailers. To test the prototype, Samsung teamed up with a well-known South American client who works with Argentina’s government and NGOs so that the Samsung Safety Truck can comply with the existing protocols and pass through tests to gain permits and approvals.

It’s only a trial scheme and Argentina is chosen for implementing them owing to the large incidence of head-on collisions caused by people who are trying to overtake slow trucks on two-lane roads. There have been umpteen mishaps resulting from wrong decisions on the road. The technology is expected to be passed and in turn, other firms are likely to implement the same in other countries.

Road safety is bound to improve dramatically as per initial tests and with the eventual introduction of self-driving cars from Silicon Valley giants, it is presumed that the roads will be much safer to travel. Samsung is determined to make use of its current technology scope to implement the plan and enhance road safety and security.