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Samsung CHG90 is a Super Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor


Ultra-wide monitors are a relatively new category of monitors. They are, indeed, wider than your regular monitors. But last week, Samsung introduced the first monitor in the new “super ultra-wide” category. This one is outrageously wide.

Widest Curved Laptop Around.

The CHG90 is undoubtedly the widest curved laptop monitor on the market. The monitor is mind-bogglingly large. The sides of the screen soar out over the sides of a desk like a giant bird of prey. At this point, the object you are describing resembles less a desktop monitor and more a truncated TV screen. The CHG90 is part of Samsung’s gaming line of monitors. It has specs and features that true gamers can appreciate. For example, quick response times and AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology.

Quantum Dot Technology.

Samsung’s QLED Gaming Monitor comes with Quantum Dot technology. It provides an extreme upgrade in your gaming experience. Quantum Dot delivers a billion shades of accurate color. This way it makes the games appear more grand and lifelike.

HDR Support.

The CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor comes with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. It makes the dark areas darker and bright areas brighter. You can see mind-blowing detail and contrast as bright blue skies share the screen with deep shadows and silhouettes.

Radeon FreeSync 2 Technology.

The CHG90 supports AMD’s new Radeon FreeSync 2 technology. This technology will offer you with a smooth HDR gaming experience. It comes with twice the perceivable brightness and color of that offered by the sRGB spectrum.

Motion Blur Technology.

With the CHG90, Samsung combines its advanced motion blur reduction technology with its superior VA panel. This way it has created this curved monitor with a super-fast 1ms MPRT (Motion picture response time). It lets you enjoy unprecedented gaming performance without motion blur across the entire screen.

The fast 144Hz screen refresh rate ensures you flawlessly smooth action scenes. This is ensured even in games with high frame rates. And you can adjust the refresh rate to 60Hz/120Hz when necessary.

Black Equalizer.

You can adjust any game scene to the brightness level you want using the 20-step Black Equalizer. The Black Equalizer will help you spot enemies hiding in even the darkest areas of the screen.

Eye-Saver Mode.

The CHG90 features an eye-saver mode. This mode reduces blue light emissions to a substantial extent. You can play on with reduced eyestrain and greater visual comfort.

Game Display Mode.

The CHG90’s factory-calibrated game display modes instantly optimize black gamma levels, contrast ratios, sharpness and color value settings for any game genre, be it FPS, RTS, RPG, or AOS. You can view key game settings at a glance and adjust them on the fly to your preference using shortcut keys.

32:9 Aspect Ratio.

The 32:9 Super ultra-wide screen, which is equivalent to two 16:9 monitors side by side, provides the ultimate multitasking flexibility. Forget about multi-monitor set-ups. With no bezels impeding your view and a single power cable for minimal clutter, you can multitask in truly seamless style.


The CHG90’s easy Setting Box lets you partition the screen or display multiple screens of different sizes with just a click for truly simple multitasking

The CHG90 comes with Picture-by-Picture. It lets you connect and view input sources without degrading the original image quality.

Arena Lighting.

The CHG90 has audio-aligned Arena Lighting. It is located at the back of the monitor and adds to the thrill of gaming. It gets brighter as the game’s sound grows louder. This way it elevates moments of high intensity.The Height Adjustable Stand (HAS) provides precision positioning for the super ultra-wide panel to let you work and play in greater comfort.

Available For Pre-order.

The CHG90 is a giant monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio. Such a huge aspect ratio allows you to see full game scenes. It has a 178-degree viewing angle. It feels like a better version of what you get when combining smaller monitors together. The monitor costs $1,499 and is available for preorder. The smaller displays i.e. 32-inch and 27-inch cost $699 and $599.