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Now Get Email Reminders on the go with Remailder


While digital communication has made lives easy, allowing people to communicate with others across the world, it can get too overwhelming at times. Communication through emails for instance is so rampant these days, that there is an impending need for people to read and respond to important emails, to ensure birthdays are joyfully celebrated and tasks are performed within the specified time frame.

The Need for an Email Reminder

Emails have become an important medium of communication in business and personal use. Millions of people worldwide use emails to socialize with friends, keep in touch with family and communicate for business purposes. With people receiving numerous emails every day, reading and responding to emails has become challenging. Many-a-times business professionals send important emails to vendors or partners but fail to get a reply in time, thus missing crucial deadlines.

Set up Remailder Instantly

Remailder, founded by Edouard Muller, Loic Mucha and Guillaume Illien, allows people to convert their emails into reminders and ensure they revert in time and perform tasks as per schedule. Remailder is easy to use and can be set up instantly while composing emails. Users can compose or reply to an email by adding the “” in the “To”, “CC” or “BCC” fields and send timely reminders to themselves and the recipients.

A Gamut of Benefits

  • Set Reminders Instantly: With Remailder, users can now add reminders directly and instantly to emails and be reminded at the requested time.
  • Clutter Free Inbox: Through Remailder, users can now keep their email Inbox clutter free and respond to emails only when they really have to.
  • Deliver Projects in Time: By creating reminders, users can remind themselves and the recipients of the email of the job at hand and deliver projects in time.
  • Enhance Team Collaboration: Remailder helps businesses enhance collaboration and team-work, enabling them to perform efficiently.
  • Manage Time Effectively: Automatic reminders enable users to better utilize their time, and curb the need to follow up or respond to emails that are not important. Users also have the freedom to snooze the reminder and also set recurring reminders on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Works on all Devices: With a single Remailder account, users can now set reminders on any email service provider, any device and operating system, and be reminded about important tasks on the go.
  • Multilingual: Remailder is currently available in 5 languages – Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish allowing users from different countries to make the most of the service.

Available for Free

Remailder is currently available online and can be downloaded from their website for free. It allows users to exploit the service on all of their devices, thus letting them perform tasks within time. Remailder also offers added functionality and features through a Remailder Plus for everyday use ($2.99/month) and a Remailder Pro for business use ($3.99/month). With the Remailder Plus service, users can view all their Remailders on their calendars, receive daily or weekly reminder reports and statistics. The Remailder Pro service automatically detects Remailder replies and sends reminders to users on their mobile phones in case they have no email access.

In a Snapshot

The world today is moving at lightning fast speed. People are living busy lives and are having to perform a large number of tasks within shorter periods of time. By setting reminders through Remailder, business professionals can now perform activities and deliver projects in time. Remailder also allows people to set reminders or to-do tasks for their personal and everyday life, facilitating them to live a stress-free and convenient life.