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Quirky GE Air Conditioner – The Smart AC with Brilliance

Aros Smart AC

Smart Technology is truly revolutionizing our day-to-day life, making it simpler and more convenient. While Smartwatches and other wearable technology is gaining momentum, new avenues of smart technology like digital home gadgets are soon opening up.

Aros Smart AC

Electric major GE, in a ground-breaking partnership with the inventive platform Quirky has launched a smart and innovative air conditioner called Aros. By setting aside close to $30 million, GE has got together with Quirky to source big and innovative ideas to develop a Smart AC that is not only sleek, but also technologically up-to-date. Aros Smart AC is an 8000 BTU window unit has great cooling capacity and can be controlled through Wi-Fi using Quirky’s Wink mobile app or through the buttons on the unit.

What makes the Smart AC Unique?

While all major ACs in the market offer extraordinary cooling capacity, the Aros Smart AC is different. Along with a good cooling capacity, the Smart AC can be controlled through a mobile app and has a mind of its own. Users can program and control the Smart AC from anywhere. Using GPS technology, the Smart AC can turn itself on just as the user is about to reach home from office and turn itself off as soon as the person leaves the room.

Aros Smart AC incorporates a modern design; the upward airflow increases air circulation and results in efficient cooling of the room. It has intuitive capacity that learns from users’ temperature patterns and cools the room based on their preferences. It has the capability to predict the right temperature that users prefer when they wake up, go to work, return home and go to sleep.

Innovative Features

  • The flat faced, white coloured Smart AC has a sleek LED display with touch buttons to turn on or off the AC, control the temperature, and connect to the mobile app.
  • By collecting user specific information like location, age and usage, the Smart AC automatically learns to maintain the right temperature over time.
  • Based on the individual’s monthly budget and the weather report, the app can recommend settings that help in cooling the room appropriately and help people stay under budget.
  • The Smart AC functions in an innovative way, consuming power only when there is someone in the room. As soon as the person leaves the room, the Smart AC will turn itself off, thus saving money.
  • Through the mobile app, users can track the energy spent each month in the form of charts and also receive suggestions on reducing energy bills.
  • The retractable wings make sure the Smart AC fits perfectly on windows of all sizes.
  • The multi-speed fan has the capability to cool a 350 square feet room in an efficient manner.
  • The cleverly designed air intake system stops the Smart AC from sucking up air that’s already cooled, thus maintaining the low temperature.


The Smart AC is available on all major ecommerce platforms as well as major retail outlets. The Smart AC offers 3 cooling modes and 3 fan speeds, meeting the cooling requirements of a large audience. The mobile app is currently available on iOS and Android.

In Conclusion

With GE’s prosperous track record of over 80 years in the AC market and Quirky’s experience in bringing state-of-the-art ideas to market, Aros Smart AC is classic mix of technology and innovation with great looks and great performance. Priced at $300, this Smart AC is truly a piece of brilliance, intelligently cooling rooms and proactively helping people save money on their energy bills.