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Prana: An Innovative Tracker to Perfect Your Posture and Breathing


It does not need an expert to say that the lifestyle habits of modern men often lead to critical health problems in the long run. Prolonged sitting in front of the computer or continuous mobile browsing with your heads down on the handheld device result in tremendous stress which over time amounts to various disorders. Such stress common to digital workers and people with tremendous mobile browsing habits often result in breathing problems as well.

Prana, a never before tracker device that can easily perfect your posture and breathing quality over time, can just help you to solve the stress problem.

The Connection Between Stress and Breathing Problem

Do you know a havoc 75% to 90% of people who visits doctor’s office suffer mainly from stress problems. Stress alone is responsible for billions of dollars spent for healthcare. Just as stress can result in breathing problems, persistent breathing issues can also have huge impact in making a person overstressed. Breathing easy often results in less stress and a calm state of mind. So, tracking your breathing quality is equally important as the perfect posture to reduce stress.

Prana, the innovative breathing and posture tracker can help you get into a relaxed state of mind within just minutes of use. It is the first of its kind device to bust stress in a natural and drug-free way.

Wonder Wearable To Perfect Your Breathing and Posture

Prana is a wearable made by a San Francisco-based company which can track both breath and posture allowing you a new and innovative way to ensure a healthy lifestyle and total well-being. It is basically a little round sized device that can easily hang on to the inside area of the user’s waistband. Powered with a 3-axis accelerometer and several advanced algorithms it can correctly determine and measure the typical breathing patterns and issues of the respective user. The algorithms which are behind the whole thing took nearly two years to build.

You will be provided the accurate information about your breathing issues through the accompanying apps on both Android and iOS platform. By having a solid data about your specific breathing issues you can venture to train yourself and ensure an array of health benefits like destressing yourself.

This the first of its kind activity tracker that can deliver such awesome results in such quick time. It comes basically with two modes, respectively as passive and active modes. While the passive mode helps monitoring your breathing patterns all though a the day and helps coming with detailed information about any breathing issues and irregularities. The active mode on the other hand helps training yourself for perfect breathing. For instance, the app by knowing the particular breathing problem you are facing can send you message asking you to join a 5 minute long training session through the app.

This device and the accompanying app has many attributes that can easily be considered as the revolutionary and truly never-before ones. The device algorithm was basically reached on the basis of latest medical studies on breathing and the ancient tradition of Yoga. The key principle that dictates the entire system of the Prana is that good posture helps breathing.

How Does Prana Work?

Prana is unique in many ways. It is the first activity tracker that brought together several crucial body function attributes to measure and improve the breathing quality. The three measures that play crucial role in evaluating the breathing quality include diaphragmatic breathing, body posture, and breathing patterns. With the advanced algorithm of the app considering all these attributes comprehensively we can get the detailed plan of action to improve our breathing.

Prana basically reduces physical stress through optimising the relaxation response of your body. When we are stressed our body gets into a fight or flight mode making our adrenaline rush. Prana just steps into this and just helps relaxing our body by slowing down the pace. With such stress busting effect many diseases and health disorders can be tackled comprehensively.

It is now a known fact that most of our body systems are affected because of the stress. On the other hand stress is often the direct outcome of our derogatory lifestyle habits like prolonged sitting and stooping over handheld devices. Prana, can help us alleviate both the breathing and posture problems in a proactive way.