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The Polaroid Brings The Design 3D Printing Pen

Polaroid Pen 3D Printer Pen

The 3D pen industry is growing very fast. 3D pens have become an important part of how users create 3D models without a 3D printer. Polaroid wanted to provide professionals with a 3D pen that allows for precise detailing and comfort. Polaroid is one of the most trusted and recognizable brands. It has a rich 80-year history beginning with Polaroid instant cameras and film. Their range of products includes instant print cameras, action sports cameras, smartphones, flat-screen TVs.

Most Advanced 3D Printing Pen.

Polaroid brings its most advanced 3D printing pen. The Polaroid Design 3D Pen features a built-in fan to reduce heat. It eliminates jamming, auto-feed and auto-eject functions for prolonged use. It offers features like variable speed, precise temperature setting, an OLED screen and much more. The new Polaroid 3D printing pen was created be keeping artists, designers, and engineers in mind.

A Sleek Pen That Eliminated Jamming.

The Polaroid 3D printing pen has a sleek, ergonomic and intuitive design. It was created with a single purpose of being the most versatile tool in your design weaponry. The Polaroid Design 3D Pen was created with the help of designers, architects, and engineers who desired a higher quality pen. A pen that eliminates jamming and other issues found in many 3D pens on the market. They have created a versatile pen that allows you the freedom to create any structure, design or prototype. The pen uses a variety of materials and is without limitations.

3D Printing Features.

  1. Anti-Jamming: A built-in internal cooling fan prevents the pen from jamming during prolonged use.
  2. Auto-Eject: If the pen is inactive for four minutes, the auto shut-off feature puts the pen into standby mode. It ejects the filament before going into full sleep mode.
  3. Variable Speed: The 6 preset speeds allow you greater precision and control.
  4. Temperature Control: The speed setting also controls preset temperature setting that corresponds to material type. Manual override control allows you to adjust the temperature to the required degree.
  5. Versatile Filament: The Polaroid Design 3D pen allows you the freedom to create any structure, design or prototype. It uses a vast array of materials. It mixes the elements into one complete design. This makes it one of the most versatile tools in your design toolbox.
  6. User-Centric Display: A high-resolution OLED LCD screen allows greater detail with more information: Temperature, speed, and material type are simultaneously displayed.
  7. Ergonomic Design: The sleek and stylish design is ergonomically balanced for prolonged use. All finishes are designed to be both durable and elegant.

Extrusion Technique.

The Polaroid Design 3D pen works by a method called extrusion. The filament is placed into a small opening on one end of the pen. It is heated as it is fed through the pen. As the filament comes out the other end, it becomes soft and pliable and can be sculpted into any desired shape. After a few seconds, the filament hardens again and forms its new shape. With this technique, you can create shapes in 3D space without the restriction of a canvas.

In The Box You Get:

  • Polaroid Design 3D Pen
  • Power Supply
  • Filament
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual

Comes in 4 Colors.

The Polaroid Design 3D Pen will be available in 4 different colors, namely: Matte Black, Erbium Grey, Slate Grey, and Tuscan Sun Gold. The pens are priced between $129 and $149. The 3D pens and filament hit the market in March.