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Plugfones Bluetooth Earplug Headphones – Protect your Ears from External Sounds!

Plugfones Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

Noise-isolating earbuds are far from a novel invention, but the latest earphones are one of a kind! Bluetooth Earplug Headphones are signaling a new era of earphones that comfortably fit in ear canals, specifically engineered to protect ears from outside noise.

A company has engineered a product that’s primarily an earplug and a secondary earbud. Conventional earbuds, even those designed to cancel noise aren’t comfortable for all-day use. Therefore, Plugfones are designed in such a way so that ears won’t have to face fatigue after wearing these on a 12 hour shift.

Riding the subway, maintaining focus in the gym, mowing the lawn, or keeping outside distractions at bay are other benefits one can achieve by using this earplug headphone. Beyond top-notch aural excitement, one can also take incoming calls without having to expose ears to unsafe levels of loudness at any point in time.

Technical Specifications of Plugfones Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

  • Each Liberate headset includes a Bluetooth 4.0 antenna
  • It Has a noise-reducing inline microphone for voice calls
  • It is installed with water-resistant USB charging connector
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Efficient 8-hour battery life on continuous use
  • Available in two colors: Yellow/ Dark Blue (Long Model) or Black/ Grey (Short Model)
  • 4.5 ounces (total weight with earplugs installed)
  • Inline Remote: center button is a universal button for Power On/Off, Answer/End Call
  • Left and right buttons are Volume Control, Song Progression
  • Sweat and water-resistant features

Additional Features

  • Noise Isolation technology
  • Wearable for Long Periods of time
  • Multiple Ends and Long & Flexible Cables
  • Manufactured with Robust Materials
  • Great Stereo Audio with Comfortable Fit
  • Earbuds do not Fall Out
  • Extra Thick Cable for Rough Use

How It Works

  • It is easy to listen to audio from almost any device.
  • The Bluetooth receiver will help to pair it with your Bluetooth audio device.
  • It is easy to change songs or adjust the volume without having to dig the phone or audio device from the pockets.
  • One can answer phone calls with any Bluetooth receiver, speak through the mic and hear the other person over Liberate Plugfones earplug headphones.
  • Works with iPhone and Android phones and even on audio devices like iPods, iPads, other tablet devices etc.

Special Usage

An official Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is a certification of the number of decibels that a noise level can be reduced by the proper application of the device. Plugfones ensure that they can reduce ambient noise by an impressive 26dB. Every activity or workplace has a different noise level, but the average noise level for certain types of activities can be easily gauged with the help of Plugfones. In some overly loud environments, there may be a requirement for a volume limiter to be used in conjunction with Plugfones depending on noise levels. This gadget takes no responsibility for usage of our earplug earphones to violate your company’s policies. Keep your cord out of the way by threading it through your clothes for safety.

Launch Date and Price

The Liberate is different than Standard Plugfones. No more worries about your device being stolen or damaged, and no more stress about dangling cords. The hassle that we put ourselves through is often taking for granted, and it’s difficult to recognize small but meaningful diminishment to one is able to hear. Plugfones are earplugs with music made for individuals working in loud environments where it is used as a part of the personal protective equipment. So expect an excellent aural quality through these Liberate Plugfones Bluetooth Earplug Headphones which cost about $99 as an early bird prize as part of its funding campaign on Kickstarter.